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Pantone Shades | Pantone Graphic Design Shade Books

The hotspot for pantone shades used by graphic designers. Explore & Buy the latest Pantone Design Books from Official India Partner for Pantone ✓ Original Seal ✓ 1Yr Warranty
Pantone Shades has three main sections in Graphics:

Pantone Metallic Color Shades
Pantone Metallics Colors now in the plus series can be found in the form of a fan-shaped Pantone Metallics Color Guide or in the form of a chips book with specialized coated metallic chips called the Pantone Metallics Chips Book Coated Set. Pantone Metallics Color Book has the metallic colors coated on standard paper giving a true feel and look of the colors on a hard-coated metallic sheet. Pantone Metallics Books are ideal users in the packaging industry, steel & car manufacturers, metallic bearings and accessories producers. Color number range from 871C to 8965C.Pantone Premium Metallics Colors like the Pantone Metallic Colors has Colored pantone shades in the particular coated form, giving a high-end metallic feel on the color books. These books have a metallic coating to prevent discoloring, rust, oxidize, corrode, stain, dull or blacken, thus giving a 100% Pantone Metallic look and feel. This guide and premium metallics chips book is used for palette colors mixing, mood board designing, and concept- structure building for color specification, distribution, and evaluation. Color numbers range from 9000 series to 10000 series.

Pantone Graphic Pastel Color Shades
Pantone Pastels & Neon has the light pale, softening- light, light-colored, muted colors, subtle & neon, subdued blues & greens, soft-hued pinks and yellow for working on a the light-bright shades of pantone. The spot colors in the pastels and neon colors are present in the Pastels & Neon Color Guide as well the Pastel and Neon Chips book which has six terable chips for each color thus giving it a multi purpose use. Mainly used for branding and packaging puposes. Colors range from 0131C to 8000 series. Pantone Graphics are used by all designers in Photoshop and Adoble Illustrator as for all graphic designing the Pantone Colors in CMYK and RGB are needed with a physical matching system right in the hands of the printers. The 291 Pantone Graphic Colors are widely used by Offset and Inkjet Pantone Printers since 24 years. The software provided by every Pantone Graphic Design book helps the artists in matching their colors accurately.

Pantone Color Chart CMYK
The Pantone CMYK Guide in the Coated & Uncoated format has all the process colors of Pantone and cannot be matched with Pantone spot colors of Metallics & Pastels & Neon. CMYK formulation is given on each of the unique 16 colors on each page. These colors also cannot be matched with the solid colors with the help of the Pantone Color Bridge Guide. The Pantone CMYK Color Guide is a must for all printers and ink manufacturers who use the CMYK formulation to develop their colors.

RGB to Pantone Process Color Book
The Pantone Color Bridge Guides are a unique set of guides which are used to find the closest colors of the solid colors and the CYMYK Colors when kept side by side. Thus the solid colors can now be represented and produced in the CMYK as well as RGB formulations. Each RGB color its corresponding CMYK color and wording is present, thus acting as a bridge. Pantone Color Bridge Guide is the only guide that offers both HTML/CMYK and RGB values for Pantone graphics spot colors out of all the other Pantone Guides & Chip Books.


  • Can multiple people use a Pantone Book?

    Yes, several users and have access to a single Pantone book. Pantone has a concept of chips book where single chips can be removed for each color and shared with another user. A guide is mainly for a single user only.

  • Do all Pantone books come with a software?

    All Pantone graphic books have the color manager software included, however the colors in the software are restricted to the colors of the corrsponding Pantone book. To access all the Pantone colors in the software you need to purchase the entire Pantone Color Manager.

  • How many colors are there in Pantone Graphic books?

    About 2250 colors are present in Pantone graphics. The other colors are spread in the FHI books.