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ColorChecker Targets

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ColorChecker Targets

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ColorChecker Targets Family | Distributor for India X-rite

True to Life Colours with Colorchecker
When working with visuals its authenticity must be retained to be true to life. Photographers and filmmakers have been constantly working behind the screen to create visually appealing imagery that can be made relatable to the audience. There is a chance when the visuals are taken, it can lose some of its original colours which can defeat the purpose of the theme depicted by the creators. The Xrite colour checker is a colour calibration tool that assists creators to get the exact colour they are looking for. Since there is an obvious shift in colour that is noticed by the photographers and filmmakers behind the lens, it is essential to use this user-friendly tool that can help retain the authenticity of the shades. The lighting plays the biggest role in altering the shades and causing the colours to shift. The colorchecker X-Rite Passport is an essential tool that enables to retrieve the colour and ensures that the object maintains the colour balance.
Xrite Colorchecker tools
The best colorchecker by Xrite provides an array of 140 colours that assists in correcting the colour seen in the images. These 140 colours are the accurate representations of the colours and aid the visual editors to acquire the actual shade. A photographer who works with human portraits and models sees a visible shift in skin tones which gets accurately corrected by this color checker Xrite tool. The colorchecker has the ability to use a white balance that is extremely essential for accuracy in shades. It is a well-established fact the human eye perceives colours differently compared to the lens capturing images or videos. As mentioned earlier, light plays an integral role in colour perception. The human eye can adjust to the colours in the light and adjusts our vision in accordance with that instantaneously. As a lens does not possess the human intellect, a white balance comes into play to impart accuracy to the visuals created. With the guarantee of giving the users the utmost precision and uniformity, this colorchecker Xrite product can calibrate the visuals with the utmost ease. The X-Rite Passport is used by more than 25,000 users globally and is one the most advanced tools which any photobooth must have.
Best Colorchecker Passport by Xrite
The colorchecker makes all the difference in creating stunning visuals. As a creative person, photographers and filmmakers must constantly work behind the lens to bring their ideologies to life. Giving the accuracy that is seen by the naked eye, the user-friendly colorchecker by Xrite is a categories bracket of true to life colours that is made available to the buyers. This tool is used by the creators by clicking an image with the categorised shade chart along with the visual or portrait that is meant to be shot. The colour shade chart should be placed in a well-lit area of the image with no shadow covering the colours. They can use this image for several images that will be created with similar lighting. With the help of the editing software, the colour correction takes place on the digital editing platform. This easy to use tool has white balance greyscale and skin neutral shades that are accepted globally to create colour accurate visuals.
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 Classic Nano
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Setting Exposure

Software White Balance

White Balance Enhancement

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Color Balance

Skin Tone Adjustment

Camera Matching

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Color Reference

Camera Profile Creation

Dual Illuminant DNG Creation

Scanner Profiling

24 patch in 

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Expanded Skintone Range

X-Rite Camera Profiling  

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Scene Adjustable

Protective Case

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1 x 1.75″ 
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5 x 3.5″ 
8.25 x 11″  
14.75 x 21”  

ColorChecker Passport Video
Color Balance and Control for Filmmaking – from Shoot to Edit
The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video will get you to a worry-free, color balanced and consistently neutral place, with ideal camera exposure, faster than ever before. This essential color chart will enable you to get a better camera-to-camera match, achieve perfect exposure and easily shoot and edit for mixed lighting in a convenient portable protective case. The ColorChecker Passport Video will help to reduce your video editing time, allowing you to get to your creative look faster.Colorchecker Video is deal for Filmmakers.Include ColorChecker Video Passport in every shoot to make your video workflow faster, more consistent, more balanced and repeatable. You’ll save time and money avoiding costly mistakes and frustrating color corrections after the fact. Best of all, you’ll get to your creative look faster, which is ideal because we all know how much you love being in your creative place.The ColorChecker Video will get you to a excellent camera profiling and camera calibration consistently neutral place, with ideal camera exposure, faster than ever before – giving you more time to spend on your creative look. It’s an essential color tool you won’t want to be without, saving you valuable time from capture to edit.

ColorChecker Classic
The ColorChecker Classic target is an array of 24 scientifically formulated colors that has been the leading industry color reference target for more than 40 years. It is designed to deliver true-to-life color reproduction so photographers and filmmakers can predict and control how color will look under any illumination. Use the ColorChecker Classic to create custom camera and scanner profiles, color grade video footage or use as a visual reference. Available in a variety of sizes.Nano • Mini • Original • XL • MEGA

ColorChecker Video XL & MEGA
Color Balance and Control from Capture to Edit for Longer and Wider shots
X-Rite ColorChecker® Video XL and MEGA are designed for those longer and wider shots when you need a larger reference target. Both will speed up your color correction process and save you hours in post. Use it to nail exposure, match multiple cameras and maintain consistency during changing light, so you can tell your story as perfectly as possible.Ideal for Filmmakers, DITs, Editors and Colorists

ColorChecker Digital SG
Nothing optimizes the power of your digital camera or scanner like the ColorChecker® Digital SG (semi-gloss). It’s the original ColorChecker 24 patch target plus an additional 116 patches to provide an even wider color gamut. ColorChecker Digital SG is the perfect target for creating ICC camera and scanner profiles. Ideal for photographers.

ColorChecker White Balance
The ColorChecker® White Balance target is spectrally neutral to deliver accurate white reproduction for both photo and video workflows. Use it to perform custom in-camera white balance to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white – under any lighting condition.Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

ColorChecker Grayscale
The 3-step ColorChecker® Grayscale target lets you balance your images or video footage, allows you to align the exposure and contrast of cameras you may be matching, plus simplifies the task of balancing your studio lighting. A white, gray and black target all on a single card make color adjustments and grading faster and easier with your photo processing or video editing software.Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

ColorChecker 18% Gray Balance
Ensure your digital camera’s Raw photo image or video footage accurately portrays real life. The ColorChecker® Gray Balance target will help you obtain instant gray balance, evaluate studio lighting and make quick color adjustments.Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

  • Which industry is a colorchecker used?

    Colorcheckers are profiling tools used in Photography, Filmaking, Camera and Scanning profiling purposes.

  • What is a colorchecker used for?

    A colorchecker is designed to deliver true-to-life color reproduction so photographers & filmmakers can customize their camera and scanning profile to predict and control how color will look under any illumination.

  • How many colors are present in the colorchecker?

    There are 24 colors in the colorchecker which represent real life colors to give accurate results while profiling.

  • Which profiling to use for video calibration?

    You can use the colorchecker video for shooting video, balancing, grading, setting exposure and editing under different light conditions.