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Viiltrox Mirrorless Camera Lens - Official India Dealer

Viltrox Mirrorless Camera Lenses: A Deep Dive into Photographic Excellence


In the vast universe of photography, the lens is the eye that captures moments, turning fleeting seconds into timeless memories. Among the galaxy of lens manufacturers, Viltrox shines brightly, particularly in the domain of mirrorless camera lenses.

The Genesis of Viltrox

Viltrox began its odyssey in the world of lens manufacturing nearly a decade ago. Their commitment to quality and innovation was evident when they unveiled their inaugural lens, the 85mmF1.8, in 2018. This was not just a product launch; it was a statement of intent, a declaration of their ambition to revolutionize the lens market.

The Expanding Universe of Viltrox Lenses

From that initial launch, Viltrox has been on an upward trajectory. Today, their portfolio boasts a diverse range of lenses, both auto-focus and manual-focus, designed for various mounts. These include the Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, Nikon Z-mount, Canon M-mount, Panasonic/Olympus M43 mount, and the Leica/Panasonic L-mount.

Technological Marvels: The Viltrox Edge

What sets Viltrox apart is not just the range of lenses they offer but the cutting-edge technology that goes into each product. The Nano Multilayer Coating is a prime example. This state-of-the-art technology drastically reduces flare, glare, and ghosting, ensuring crystal-clear images. Moreover, the coating’s antifouling and water-repellent properties make Viltrox lenses resilient companions for photographers braving challenging conditions.

Spotlight: Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II

The Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II is a jewel in the Viltrox crown. This lens, designed for mirrorless cameras and optimized for full-frame sensors, is a testament to Viltrox’s commitment to excellence. Its optical design promises a sublime bokeh, devoid of the onion rings that often plague other lenses. This makes it a go-to choice for portrait photographers seeking that perfect shot.

The Future is Bright

Viltrox’s journey, though impressive, is far from over. The brand continually invests in research and development, ensuring they stay at the forefront of lens technology. Their dedication to understanding photographers’ evolving needs means that with every new product, Viltrox isn’t just launching a lens; they’re setting new industry standards.


In the world of photography, where the lens is as crucial as the camera, Viltrox has etched its name among the greats. Their mirrorless camera lenses, backed by pioneering technology and a passion for excellence, ensure that every moment captured is a masterpiece.

  • What is the significance of the Nano Multilayer Coating on Viltrox lenses?

    The Nano Multilayer Coating on Viltrox lenses is designed to reduce flare, glare, and ghosting in photographs. Additionally, it provides antifouling and water-repellent properties, ensuring the lens remains durable and performs optimally in various conditions.

  • Which was the first lens introduced by Viltrox?

    Viltrox introduced its first lens, the 85mmF1.8, in 2018. This marked the beginning of their journey in producing high-quality camera lenses.

  • Is the Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II lens suitable for portrait photography?

    Absolutely! The Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II lens is designed to deliver a smooth bokeh, making it ideal for portrait photography. Its optical design ensures that the background blur is free from onion rings, providing a natural and pleasing effect.

  • Which camera mounts are compatible with Viltrox mirrorless camera lenses?

    Viltrox produces mirrorless camera lenses compatible with various mounts, including Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, Nikon Z-mount, Canon M-mount, Panasonic/Olympus M43 mount, and Leica/Panasonic L-mount.