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Pantone Color Books | Buy Pantone Shade Card

Pantone has been the universal code for colors for 50 years. Pantone Color codes are now followed and used by almost everyone in over a 100 countries. Pantone LLC has several publications and color shade cards broadly categorized in 3 Main categories which are as follows: 

3 Different Types of Pantone Color Books
Pantone Fashion Home & Interiors Shade Cards which includes the Pantone TCX and Pantone TPG Colors. Pantone TCX has the Pantone colors on cotton fabric TCX with swatches and books as per the various sizes. The Pantone TPG has the Pantone Colors on the paper edition. The paper edition is mostly used for color matching in the Home Interiors sector.
Pantone PMS – Graphics Shades includes the Pantone Graphics Color guides which has the extended gamut guide, the Pantone CMYK color guide and the spot color guides formulas are included in the pantone formula guide. The PMS color guides are designed in such a manner so as to include the coated and uncoated editions for each color guide. The RGB colors are included in the Pantone Color Bridge which also has the coated & uncoated format. The Pantone Solid colors have two subcategories for the color guide and the Pantone Solid Chips Set.
Shade Card Formats for Unique Pantone Codes
Pantone Colors are available in a digital format which includes the Pantone Color Shade Card Software. This Pantone software is provided with the Pantone Color books to make the understanding and replication of colors simpler. You can Buy this Pantone Color books with EMI and low cost today.
Pantone Shade Cards Plastics & Light Booths

The Pantone Plastic Chips Collection allows textile designers and textile exporters who work with plastics & carbon polyester materials to select, specify, control and manufacture several colors through transparent as well the special opaque plastic color chips.  Pantone offers a massive in depth color range that is replicatable in plastics with ease
Pantone Light Booths allow the exporters to improve their accuracy to 100% by allowing them to preview color variances in different lighting conditions. Mark – A senior color manager at out team recently explained why you must opt for the original devices when using pantone shade cards as they go coherent with one and other. If you have the scientific system of one company its ideal to use the physical subtance also from the same company so that the difference in errors reduces. As seen my major companies, different positioning of the light change the effect in the eyes given a “Tetrogonal Effect”, caused by change in the manufacturing process.

New Pantone technology with Color Books
With the recent advancement in Pantone color technology, we, at Design Info are trying our best to offer the latest and best color management services to our customers. The Pantone employees at Design Info have come up with an electronic color book device of Pantone that automatically detects the picture of your products and shows the exact shade from the Pantone book in the product in the computer screen with a various color and it’s combinations. This helps our customers to get a better idea at choosing the appropriate color. This in turn saves time and ensures the best color accuracy. This step has increased our market value and demand which makes us even more enthusiastic to bring more advancements in our industry to serve our customers and bring the best for them. After all, reducing errors and getting 100% uniqueness is our objective.
Design Info believes in simplicity and elegance. Trends respond to changing tests,but our underlying preference for attractive and beautiful packaging remains the same. Design Info believes in packaging which illustrates authenticity, simplicity, craftsmen identity and emphasizes that your product was made by ‘you’.No matter what the latest trends are, a pantone color trend which focuses on impressing the customers and meeting their needs and demands will always be preferable. Next time you are confused with packaging colors, remember Design Info is always your savior.
Buy Pantone Book
Buying a Pantone book can be very tedious at times as colors are needed sometime same day to start the referencing and product design. At Design Info you can buy pantone books at best prices and low costs. Design Info supports every single company in India and helps in the procurement of Pantone Books. You can buy a Pantone book directly from Pantone or from us with immediate hand delivery.

How are Pantone Color Books Priced in India?

With several options of Pantone available a young designer may get confused when entering the color management aspect of his company as to which product he should go for if the pantone color book price is set correct for his company. Ideally he must compare his requirement of color matching, the number of people who will be using the books and for how long does he wish to use it. A Pantone book expires in 18 months, though Design Info will give a warranty with it but the specialist must keep in mind that his investment in a Pantone book is reciprocal to the color requirement so he must take care while checking the prices. He might come to a situation as to where to buy the Pantone color book from? At this point he must check the offers available and in how many days the shipment arrives to him. Usually the need is so urgent that a few more shells does not matter as long as the delivery is same day in India. The usual delay depends on services offered by the company and if he is a registered dealer or not.

When was Pantone launched?

Pantone began its journey in around 1950 and was popular worldwide by around 1980

How long do Pantone books last?

Almost all Pantone books have an expiry of 18 months, however the totaly lifespan may depend upon usage. Design Info therefore provides protection for all Pantone books complimentory.

Why do you really need a Pantone Color Shade Card?

A Pantone color shade card is the first step for any product development. Whether you are a designer or manufacturer, colors play an important role in finalizing the model. The features, look and feel of a product completely change based on the way colors are perceived. Pantone Shade Cards for 2020 help you achieve that psuchological simulation as perceived from a customers point of view. A product can be branded simply by altering the product combinations.