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Pantone Fan Book Guides | Pantone Fan Shade Card

Because the appearance of a color can change based on the material on which it is produced, each pantone fan book system has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive range of colors created for use on different material types. Choosing the right Pantone fan guide ensures that the colors selected are achievable and reproducible on the specific materials being used. Pantone color fan has more than 17 different modules and types, here are the different versions:
Various types of Pantone Fan Book
For example: a color intended to be printed onto carton board would be best specified from the Pantone Matching System PMS Fan Book for graphics and print, as these colors are designed to ensure the most expedient and accurate results when used on papers and packaging materials. If a textile color from Pantone’s Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) System of Fan Book were specified for printing on the same carton board, that color may not be possible to replicate without additional resources, cost, effort, and time. Similarly, a Pantone Color developed specifically for graphics and print may look completely different when attempted as dyed fabric – not all colors have a direct, corresponding color in the other system. Some colors may not be achievable on certain materials at all, even if the correct Pantone System is used for example, not all of our polyester colors can be achieved as vibrant or saturated when dyed in cotton. Due to metamerism, some PMS colors matched to Pantone TCX may appear different when comparing under D50 and D65 light sources.
Pantone Color Fan Decks are the Guidelines to Communicate
Pantone knows designers and brands often create products involving multiple different materials, requiring specific colors from the Pantone fan book to seamlessly match in all instances. For example, if a beverage company’s logo is red, then the expectation would be that the red would look the same as the logo on the printed packaging, on the digital website, on the cotton t-shirt, on the plastic toy, on the foam flip flops, on the metal can, on the glass, etc.
Pantone Fan Decks Assist Graphic Designers
In these cases, you can reduce color development time and cost by choosing color from the Pantone System most relevant to the primary material, and then translating that color into another Pantone System using the Pantone fan guide to find the best match for the other materials used. For example, if you primary color exists primarily as a navy blue fabric, then you would start with the color from the FHI System of Pantone fan decks and then cross reference it back to the closest matching color in PMS for the packaging. You could easily get a Pantone fan deck for sale in India at best prices from Design Info.
Browse all the premium fan charts of Pantone made in USA & distributed in India by Design Info with technical color management support and service to communicate easily with colors and design for product manufacturing and color referencing.

  • Why is Pantone considered the global authority on color?

    Pantone has established itself as a global authority on color through its consistent efforts in providing a universal color language. Their system ensures precision, consistency, and a standardized approach to color identification, making it a trusted choice for industries worldwide.

  • How often should one update their Pantone guides?

    To maintain accuracy and stay updated with the latest color trends, it’s recommended to update Pantone guides every 12-18 months. This ensures that the colors remain relevant and consistent with current industry standards.

  • What's the difference between a Pantone Fan Guide and a Deck?

    Both are tools to display and reference colors. While they serve the same purpose, the format might differ. A fan guide is designed like a fan, allowing users to flip through colors easily. A deck, on the other hand, might be a collection of individual cards or sheets showcasing the colors.

  • How does Pantone forecast color trends?

    Pantone’s team of experts travels globally, researching emerging trends in various industries, from fashion to interiors to graphics. They analyze these trends, consider socio-economic and cultural factors, and then forecast colors that will be influential in the coming years.