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Lighting Accessories

Camera & Photo Studio Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories

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A photographer uses tens and hundreds of camera accessories during a photoshoot. Some of these play an instrumental role in his image creation process, while others help in making the process convenient. 
If you are looking to load up your photo studio with such accessories let us help you pick the right ones based on their requirement. 
Must have camera lighting accessories for photo studio: 
Light modifiers and shapers: 
light modifier plays a crucial role in improving the lighting in the photos. You can use a flash modifier for both ambient or artificial light to create a mood. A modifier lets you highlight the important aspects of a scene. You can also soften, harsh, or flatten a subject. 
The different types of modifiers include umbrellas, shoot-through umbrellas, softboxes, octaboxes, strip boxes, reflectors, barn doors, beauty dish, and more. Lighting cases, carts & handtrucks are required to carry these for outdoor shoots and travel.
Lighting power and cables: 
Most of the photo studio accessories need power supply to function. The electricity is supplied by lighting cables of different types. While most equipment come with their own power chords or adapters, there’s always a need for extensions and spare power cables. 
These are some of the power sources and cables for your photo studio. The 600W/1200W extension head, flat head extension, 5M extension flash cable, battery charger, and car power charger. 
Photographers are in the constant need to charge various items like laptops, cell phones, and battery packs. To which most of them use inverters, portable power battery, and extra battery packs for uninterrupted power supply. Radio and Optical triggers are wireless systems for flash.
Bulbs and lamps:
There are two types of bulbs that are used as continuous lighting photography in a photo studio i.e. halogen and tungsten tubes. These bulbs are designed to produce high wattage light that can illuminate the subject to create an appealing effect.  
The best light bulbs for indoor photography are designed in different shapes and emit lights in different colors. Some bulbs and lamps can even spread light in different directions. 
Light stands and mounts: 
Majority of the lights in a photo studio are mounted on a stand to ensure that the light has a wider reach. Photo light stands are of different types such as camera light stand, boom light stands, and truss lighting stands. 
Most photographers rely on portable light stands even in the studio due to the ease of movement offered by it. 
Lighting accessories: 
Photo studio lights use different light accessories such as lenses, filters, caps, etc to render a creative effect. Apart from these, the lights need power cables, stands, and bulbs to function properly. 
Studio lights are not the only lights are used for photography, there is a wide range of DSLR camera flash lights that help photographers and videographers to add a minimalistic light to the composition. Light meters help ease photography process.
It very hard to click quality photos in a studio without using artificial lights. These lights require a varied range of accessories to function. Accessories like lenses, wires, stands, and more some of the common ones used by photographers.

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