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Ral Colours

Ral Colours
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Ral Colours

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Source RAL Colour Chart, RAL Shade Card, RAL Shades Guide & RAL Books

RAL color standards & RAL Color Shade Cards are used by professionals in construction, industry, manufacturing, architecture and design. Established in 1927 RAL includes four separate colour ranges that are internationally recognised.
Different Categories of RAL Color Charts Explained
RAL Classics Color Charts: The original RAL Classic colour system consists of 213 four digit number colours and was formed to provide industry with accurate colour specification and communication. Ral Colour Charts Classics include the RAL K7 Colour Chart, RAL K5 Shade Card – Semi Matte & GLoss Color Charts & RAL K1 Colour Brochure.
RAL Design Shade Charts: A huge selection of 1,625 RAL Design colours following the internationally recognised CIELab system. RAL Design colour codes have seven digits. The most important RAL Design Shade Cards include the RAL D2 Colour Chart and the RAL D4 Colour Atlas.
RAL Effect Colors: The RAL Effects colour range consists of 70 metallic and 420 solid colours, 100 of which are from the RAL Classic range. Solid colours are based on waterborne paint systems whilst the metallic colours are based on acrylic paints. RAL Effects colour numbers have four digits and a hyphen, as shown in this example, 123-4. Metallic colours are denoted by the addition of the letter M after the number, as here 123-4M. The RAL E3 Colour Chart and the RAL E4 Colour Shades are the fast selling RAL Colour Charts in India.
RAL Shade Cards are of immense use in India and especially in the paints industry
RAL Shades, Central Europe’s colour matching system.
RAL originates from Germany and stands for Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung which means – Reich Committee for Delivery and Quality Assurance. Today it is simply known as “R A L” and is globally acknowledged for its systematic language. This German-based company has created a lasting mark in several industries and is now known as the most popular shade chart and matching system from Europe. RAL gained its popularity with the rise of industrialisation and the impending need of bringing uniformity and synchronisation between retailer and manufacturers. RAL camouflage shades were also used by the German military during the 70s. This provided a unique colour for army vehicles and machinery, which was strictly for military use that made sure the soldiers and the vehicles were well camouflaged even with the use of infrared night vision devices. From army machinery to automobiles and road safety in current times, RAL shade cards have become the go-to options within these industries. It created a well-organised system that would be the basis of the conversation enabling each party to be satisfied with the outcome. Buy Ral Color chart online with Design Info offering 1 yr warranty on all the products with hassle free returns.
What is the purpose of RAL Shade Cards?
RAL provides colour matching charts that as defined colours that can be used for graphics, prints, designs and paints. RAL is a German-based company that was set up in 1925 and gives a quality assured and globally accepted colour system that allows the users to draw parallels and use a shade that works best. It bridges the gap between a designer and the printer, ensuring that the creator gets the exact shade that the design is meant to have. RAL colour chart can be used for the following two purposes –

Selection of Colours – While innovating a design in any industry, from architecture to automobiles while creating something and adding to its aesthetic value, RAL charts assists in selecting the colour scheme from a cascade of choices. With industry-specific charts, RAL encompasses a barrage of colour schemes and choices.
Referencing of Colours – In the process of translating the ideas with retailers, designers and creative directors, a manufacturer needs to work in sync with the idea mentioned to give the desired outcome. RAL bridges the gap between the manufacturers and retailers by providing them with a globally comprehended language to communicate. With the surplus of colour options, each with a specific code aids in identifying the shade leaving no margin for error.
RAL Color charts are needed in the paint and chemicals, emulsifiers industry to match the fixed paint standards with the internally standardized RAL Colors as present chromologically in the 6 different types of Ral color shade charts. There are designed to support hoem and interior paints color matching as well.

How many colors are there in RAL Color Chart?

There are 213 Colors in the standard RAL Color chart and 1825 colors in the RAL Design shade card.

How soon are RAL Color Shade Cards updated?

RAL Shade cards are updated every 4 to 5 years and about 2 to 3 new colors are added.

How many types of RAL Color charts are available?

There are 4 broad categories in RAL color standards namesly the Classics, Design, Effect and Plastics, thereby making it 4 different types of RAL Color charts.