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Insta360 Accessories

Insta360 Accessories

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A 360 camera can do things other cameras can’t. From cool photo- and videospheres, to reframed, ultra-stabilized videos with professional-looking pans and zooms that no regular action camera can match. But like action cameras, their full potential is only unlocked with the right accessories. Not every 360 camera has access to all of the accessories below, but most do or will have something like it. The most expensive version of any of these accessories is likely from the camera manufacturer themselves. And in fairness, sometimes that’s the only place to get them. More often than not, there are 3rd party version available online that will suffice. We recommend the following accessories with Insta360 cameras:

  1. Insta360 Bullet TIme Bundle
  2. Insta360 Camera Caps
  3. Insta360 Cameera Lens Caps
  4. Insta360 Batteries
  5. Insta360 Diving Protection Kits
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