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About us

Design Info About Us

How it all began?

Design Info didn’t begin its ventures with the name of Design Info. The timeline goes back to 1969 when Saremal began his first venture in Mumbai as a supplier of books at the age of 17. The genre was mainly textiles & fashion magazines. He had an expansive vision to grow the business of fashion and retail magazines. The product was purely B2B and the customer base was widespead in India. Through bits and pieces he laid the foundation of the company and named it Saremals. The core team began with just 4 members who were mainly salesmen. Pricinples of honesty and hardwork with numerous travel tripos accross the country imporved the presence of the company. Textile forecast books and fashion color forecast books were major additions in the 80´s. Aggressive expansion and international investments by companies such a Mudpie into the company grew it to a team of 45 by 1991. In 1992, Rajesh took over as the new Managing Director of the company and headed the entire team. With his core vision into textile intruments and textile color calibration, he rebranded the company into BSA – Bombay Subscription Agency. BSA additionally focused on print designs, textile artworks and volumes as the demand of textile printing in Inda grew. Pantone partnered with BSA in 1998 for color matching books. In 2006, similar brand RAL was introduced.

Brand name “Design Info” was launched in 2008 when BSA decided to venture into photography as an addition to the existing color management business and cater to all professionals in this segment. The concept of color calibration in textiles for monitors, pc and products to have an omnipresence in color, resonated in the photo and video industry as well, where color correction was crucial. Thus the branding of Design Info in photography began with the color correction tools as a market extention. By 2009, Design Info was actively involved in a number of photography accessories such as softbox, video lights, tripods, monopods, lenses, hoods etc. In 2012, gimbals were added as a major SKU to Design info and a number of brands were partnered with. In 2014, action cameras were added to the company and large qty began to be imported and distributed. In 2015 global warehouses were launched in Melbourne, Berlin, Singpore, USA and the UAE. In 2016, optics were introduced with the major demand cited by existing customer base. Binoculars and Telescopes from Celestron, Nikon and other brands were being imported. In 2017, 2 major brands Godox and Edelkrone were added to the SKU list. In 2018 NCS – a swedish company partnered with Design Info for the paints industry. Today in 2021, more than 12k skus are sold on Design Info with a global customer base of more than 200,000 customers.

Delivering Pure Experience in Colors, Design & Fashion

Know More About Design Info

With an experience of 45 years, Design Info is undoubtedly the largest supplier of Fashion Forecast Magazines in Asia. Connecting small publishers and media outlets to global customers and thereby growing both the textile designers and the publishing units. We now have over 2,000 + different subscribing titles. Design Info is excelled in supplying custom colour trend reports, fashion trend analysis, styles & accessories concepts. By Crosschecking groups of thoughts, aesthetic currents, social influences, anthropological and artistic events our intention is to offer the industry a current vision of future synergies. Fashion & Trends for the next generation society. For us, the artist and designer are the centres of creation. They crystallise the trends with an overall view of the world. Several catwalks, runways are intricately analysed and the most profounding solutions are brought forward. Professional expertise on image, style authors and cross view of personalities propose an overall vision of the world for tomorrow here.

Design Info also has the largest network of textile designers, surface designers, graphic designers who develop custom artworks, prints, patterns and designs. This global venture now sources over 25,000 textile designs each season, right from painters to graphic designers and serves 9,500 + manufacturing companies. These artworks are converted to textiles, leather products, wallpapers, shoes, bags, etc. Over 5,000 companies source 100% of their inspirations from Design Info.

Photo & Videography Sector

Design Info photography Set Up

The first photo / video product was sold in 2008 by Design Info. A number of brands are catered by Design Info such as DJI, Gopro, Rode, Zhiyun, Insta360, Moza, Nisi, Hoya, Godox, Elinchrom, Manfrotto, Edelkrone, X-Rite, DataColor, Gitzo, Tether Tools, Kodak, Vanguard, Sirui, Benro, Celestron, Nikon and BlackRapid being some of them. Design Info now is a premium photography and videography distributor based in Mumbai. We offer our expertise across the fields of fashion, e-commerce and product photography, working closely with models, makeup artists, hair stylists and artists. Founded by BSA´s existing creatives, Design Info increased online sales, producing inspiring images that respect and emphasise your brand identity. Our professional growth passes through fashion, design and business people, where every photography campaign for a new brand is the sum of our and your ideas and the goal is the creation of stunning visual contents to resonate across the internet. Fast, reliable and trustable, Design Info partners with a vast array of customers from all industries, from fashion to product, and everything in between. No job is the same, and Design Info loves to hand craft every single project from the initial brain-stormings and to the final quotations for photography accessories, offering every time to differentiate and distinguishin between various brands. Whether the client is a one-man-band or an established business, Design Info puts the same amount of effort and loyalty on each photo / video project.

Our goal & value proposition is the same: Deliver something stunning at the best price as soon as possible with easy support.

Stunning: Goods sold and delivered by Design Info are always sealed packed, verified and sent from Design Info its self. No third party is every involved for any products sold. 

Best Price: Best price may not mean always the lowest price. The price includes taxes and a valid tax invoice to claim the taxes paid. At times even price is matched to always deliver the lowest price.

As soon as possible: Most items are shipped within 2 days of the order being placed. Always only professional logistics is used which is trackable.

Easy support: Not satisfied with the product and want to return? If the product is eligible for returns, it is returned easily with just a single click. Need technical support? Our WhatsApp is always on.