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Pantone Metallic Color Shade Charts | Metallic Silver, Gold & More

Pantone Metallic Colours
The Pantone colour matching system is considered to be the most popular colour matching system on an international platform. Since its inception, it has created a language of communication allowing retailers, designers and manufacturers to decipher colours with ease. With the help of the shade cards, Pantone has created a basis for each person to comprehend the shade of the colour in question easily without any room for doubt. The shade cards are used across several industries and have made life easier on a global scale. 
Pantone Metallic Shade Cards
With a variety of colours and its shades, Pantone metallic shade cards help give the specification of the colour in question and create a symbiosis in ideas and gives a perfect product that satisfies the retailer and the manufacturer. The Pantone metallic shade cards have been used extensively across a broad scale of industries. With different categories of requirements, the Pantone metallic colours have two crucial uses.
Pantone Metallic Colour Guide Shimmers
Metallic colours have been used extensively within the textile industry and have made its way into the cosmetic world as well. With the Pantone metallic colours play an important role in the industries assisting the designers in creating innovations as well as helps them communicate with their team and the production team with accurate referencing to the precise shade. The paper used within this shade cards are similar to the paint and give accuracy ensuring that the outcome will match the colour seen on the cards. Along with the fashion and home décor products, Pantone metallic colour charts also help to decipher shades and print colours for toys, houseware, electronics and automotive. With hundreds of colour options, one can pick from the trending metallic colours to classic shades of Pantone metallic gold and silver to aesthetically benefit the design and product.
Pantone Metallic Coated Guides
The Pantone metallic coated guide has been curated in a manner than the colours utilised are created as ink printed on top of paper and assists in the similar usage where there is no distortion to the final product. These Pantone metallic shades can be used on a variety of digitally designed surfaces like business cards, multimedia and digital designing which includes marketing and advertising industries. It can also be utilised to be printed on packaging surfaces, direct mails and various stationery products. The packaging industry utilises these shade cards extensively.
Segregations within Pantone Metallic Books
In terms of utility and based on the industry that will use the Pantone metallic guide has been segregated into three sections which are –

Packaging Industry – Corrugated Boxes, Tins, Tetra Packs, Tapes, Warapping Paper, etc.
Accesories, Leather, Shoes & Bags
Aluminum, Foils, Plastics, Stickers, Badges and Shiny Surfaces.

Pantone Metallic Guides 2020 Editions
Based on the industries the Pantone metallic chip book is also divided in a similar manner, allowing the users to decipher what colours and shades will work best for them when combined with their products. The packaging metallic segregation is created by the base colour of Pantone rose gold and Pantone silver.  The segregation is made also to ensure that the outcome of these colours will be like it is seen on the shade charts. The ink, formula and pigments used in both of these sections are different, as the products are different and have different requirements. Pantone metallic guides are ideal for the eaccesories industry where shiny colors have to be used. The metallic stickers effect is also possible only from the Pantone metallics.
Packaging and signage need more durable ink since the surface goes through more wear and tear compared to the products that use commercial graphic metallic products. The Pantone metallic colour chart created for the packaging industry uses inkjet that ensures the longevity of the paint and the gives sheer brilliance, tarnish resistance and gives maximum lustre. The digital media like advertising, marketing materials and promotional material do not undergo similar customer ware and tare which doesn’t require the same kind of durable ink.
There is a difference in shades, vibrancy and brilliance between the two as well. The packaging segment is created by metallic silver and rose gold which is premium base colours. This makes all the difference in the output of the colour creating an apparent difference from the commercial graphic metallic shades as these colours are produced using base colours. The Pantone metallic books are universally accepted and incorporate a barrage of colours that can be utilised by specific industries to create with a cascading option of colours. 
Pantone Metallic colour charts
Pantone metallic charts has been the go-to option and is deemed as the universal know-it-all for colours. With an earlier edition of 54 shades that aided users to make use of metallic colours with ease, they have provided a plethora of options that consist of 655 metallic shades that are well aligned with the current trends and hues. Initially, the users who wanted to use metallic shades had to make use of foil stamping or mylar which was neither economical nether were many colour options available. Pantone gold, Pantone metallic silver, Pantone metallic gold, Pantone rose gold are the most utilised shades in several industries. The Pantone metallic colour cards available are designed in a manner that they are portable, light and open up in a manner that makes it easy to compare with the products and also visualise colour combinations if possible.
The jewellery and accessories industry now can incorporate the metallic silver and Pantone metallic gold easily and communicate with manufacturers without any doubt. The accessories and jewellery designers and manufacturers are one of the industries that have found respite with Pantone metallic shade cards. From automobile industries to other industries using metallic objects, have been given a barrage of a variety of shades that can be used. From the latest trending colours to classics, the Pantone metallic books give you a guide to creating designs with abundant of colours. The books consist of collections that include refined metallic colours that add to the aesthetics of a design. The 655 Pantone metallic colours are divided with the packaging metallic colours including 354 high- lustre shades and 301 commercial graphics metallic spot colours.  The colours within the shade card are displayed with gloss aqueous and speciality coatings. Each shade is presented with the appropriate specifications identifying the coordinating number and ink formulations. Organised in a chromatic manner, they come with a colour index and a tool called the lighting indicator.  

Packaging Metallics (Previously referred to as “Premium Metallics”)
Use Packaging Metallic Color Charts for packaging and signage projects these are created using base inks Pantone Silver 10077 and Pantone Rose Gold 10412. These colors are created using special inks which are formulated with pigments that best allow for ease in coating. This seals down printed graphic applications and provides the essential protection required for most packaged projects. In addition, Packaging Metallics colors are formulated to have:

Better printing results
Greater brilliance
Higher luster
More durability
Less leafing and tarnishing over time

Inks used to achieve these colors are slightly more expensive, but they also accept a wide range of aqueous and UV coatings, which present a more commanding on-shelf presence for packaging.
Commercial Graphics Metallics (Previously referred to simply as “Metallics”)
Use Commercial Graphics Metallic colors for non-packaging projects, such as retail products, marketing and sales materials, publishing, and literature.
Pantone Metallics For Graphics Vs. Fashion, Home + Interiors
Currently, Pantone offers Metallic Color guides and references for two different categories: for graphics projects and Fashion, Home + Interior projects and product applications. Although some colors may match very closely between both systems, they should be used specifically according to their end-product type intent to best avoid possible production complications, delays, and frustrations.
Pantone Metallics are formulated and developed as ink printed onto paper and should be only referenced for ink-printed projects. Use Pantone Metallics for such print projects as packaging, logos and branding, signage, marketing materials, advertising, stationery, direct mail, presentations, corporate reports, announcements, cards, brochures and collateral, multimedia, interactive, and digital design.
Pantone Metallic Shimmers are formulated using a nitrocellulose coating (similar to paint) onto paper and should be referenced for hard and soft goods product development projects. Use Pantone Metallic Shimmers for such non-printed projects as toys, cosmetics, housewares, electronics, fashion accessories, furniture, automotive, etc.

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What is the differences between Packaging and Commercial Graphics Metallics?

Both the guide and chip book are divided into two segments of colors: Packaging Metallics and Commercial Graphics Metallics. Read below to better understand the features and benefits of both Metallics offerings and which one to consider when using metallics.

How many colors are there in Pantone Metallics?

As of 2023 there are 354 metallic pantone shades.

Are there any PMS Metallic colors in these books?

Pantone metallic PMS range of shades are present in the books of product code GG1507A and GB1507A in the form of PMS metallic guide and PMS Metallic chip book respectively.

Is there a version for the Pantone Metallic Formula Guide?

Every 3 years new metallic colors in pantone are released with the same type of formula in CMYK and RGB. The Metallic formula are obviously needed to achieve the same color. The metallic formula is also present in the color management software provided by Design Info