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Design Info Scholarship Opportunity for Students!

Application Requirements for Design Info Scholarship for Pattern Design

* The completed Application Form

* 200-400 word essay explaining your long- and short-term goals, special interests, volunteer/community service, and what inspired you to pursue a professional career in the Design field.

* Five different examples of original pattern designs, whether built or detailed sketches. Emailed digital colour PDF files.

* You must submit your design before the 30th of December 2017; anyone who submits an entry after this date will be automatically disqualified.

* Send your entries to [email protected] clearly indicating on the subject the title “Design Info Scholarship Competition”

* Description: Design Info was inaugurated in December 2014 in India with the key motive to make online purchase of trend forecast books and Pantone / Ral Shade Cards simple for every Indian


1.Clearly indicate on your submission the following details.



The University which you are currently attending.

What program or course you are enrolled in.

The financial need you have.

Phone number and email address.

The financial need you have.


Which year in university you are in

2. All employees or relatives of employees of DesignInfo are disqualified from participating in this competition.

3. All works must be original or you risk disqualification.

4. The scholarship prize money is Rs5000. The participant must therefore clearly outline what this money will be used for.

5. The scholarship amount is non-transferable to anyone other than the current participant

6. The scholarship is only available to students for the academic year 2017-2018. All applicants must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Interior Design or a related field with a focus on residential upholstered and/or wood furniture design.

Application Instructions: Submit your unique pattern designs for women at [email protected]

Online Application:


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