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Pantone Shade Card

Pantone Shade Card
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Pantone Shade Card

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The Best Pantone Shade Cards by Design Info
You see colors in everything around you! Have you ever thought about the impact each of those colors is having on you? Color greatly influences human emotion and behavior. For any business – such as graphic designing, color consulting, fabric industry, paint and chemical manufacturing, furniture industry, print industry, food and chemical color testing, to name a few – there are all sorts of places where color comes into play. As an entrepreneur or a designer, it is imperative to choose your colors wisely as they make your branding efforts and designs more effective.
Do you wish to know how to choose the perfect color shade for your business?
Or maybe you want to fill in your designs with the right colors forecasted by Design Info for a variety of graphic and non-graphic materials which is exactly what you need!  With over severañ years’ experience in color and design, Design Info is committed and dedicated to providing its clients with custom pantone color shade cards and tpg pantone color guides. Comprising 213 colors in two sets of guides available in semi-matte or gloss finish, the book features primary and accent colors that work smoothly with one other. Also, all the colors are printed on a substrate paper stock making it well-suited for printing purpose.
Why Buy Shades of Pantone Cards from Design Info?

Design Info serves thousands of color schemes for different art and design purposes.
With a robust brand and commercial credentials, we consistently garner industry recognition for our efforts in pushing the boundaries of color solutions.
With commitment and dedication to research and development, we are always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance our products and services.
Our worldwide association of experts brings solutions and services to our clients when and where they are needed.

Design Info color management solutions of Pantone have positioned ourselves around the world in such a way to ensure swift, timely access to our high-quality products and services that are in demand today. Our best color pantone shade cards and pantone color books are being used by artists, marketers, graphic designers, interior designers, web developers, illustrators, fashion designers, and many more. With the largest network of designers who develop custom artwork, designs, patterns, and prints, we bring to you nothing but the best! Our latest color shade cards in India have a wide range of applications including paint manufacturing, color consulting and intelligence, creation of colors in chemical laboratories, and more. Moreover, the light, fan-like packaging of your products is sturdy to carry and makes it easy to test and match the color with the designs. To ensure the most accurate color on printed materials, all the colors are formulated using ink film thickness and come with coordinating numbers. People use our color books to find inspiration and the perfect palette for their design projects. You can easily choose your favorite palettes, manage the personal collection, and access the color codes. Find shades that match any mood from top-rated Pantone Shade Cards, and see your products come alive with colors.

What is the purpose of Pantone cards?

Pantone cards serve as a universal language of color, ensuring precision and consistency across various mediums. They facilitate color-critical decisions, helping brands and manufacturers maintain consistency and accuracy in their color choices.

Do fashion designers use the Pantone shade card?

Absolutely! Fashion designers extensively use the Pantone shade card to select and communicate colors for their collections. It ensures that the colors they envision are accurately reproduced in the final garments, maintaining design integrity.

What is the significance of Pantone colors?

Pantone colors hold immense significance as they provide a standardized system for color identification and matching. This ensures that a specific Pantone color will appear identical, regardless of the medium or method of production, maintaining brand and design consistency.

How does the Pantone Matching System (PMS) benefit designers?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) allows designers to color-match specific colors irrespective of the production process. This ensures that the color envisioned by the designer is replicated perfectly in the final product, be it print, fabric, or digital.