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Pantone TPG Paper Shades Books (Fashion, Home & Interiors)

Pantone TPG Colour Guide Fashion, Home + Interiors FHIP110A [2021 Edition], Pantone TPG Shade Card & TPG Chart
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Total Colors: 2625 No. of New Colors: 315 Old Pantone TPG Edition had 2310 Colors. Protection Cover Guide Included. Official Release - 3rd July 2020 ColorPrefix : TPG Total 2 Guides Included in this Package: Part1 & Part 2 incl 315 Additional Colors. Original Seal Packed. The New Pantone Color Guide for Fashion, Home & Interiors will be available for ready dispatch in India on 3rd August 2020. This updated edition of Fashion & Home Color guide has 315 new colors, which is the latest edition for 2020. The Guide has all colors split into 2 for better usage. This product is imported from Pantone Llc, USA and has the Color Manager software included in it. Pantone TPG Colour Guide is widely used in Home Furnishing, Architecture, Textile Color Matching, Furniture and is the best alternative to expensive TCX products. Buy Pantone Color Guide & Pantone FHIP Colour Guide, now with a special offer price. Assuring the lowest and best price in India.
Pantone TPG Specifier Chips Set Fashion + Home + Interiors [2021 Edition], Pantone Textile Colors
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The redesigned Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors COLOR SPECIFIER 2 books with a chromatic arrangement. Total Colors: 2625 Includes 315 New Colours. Only Specifier (Pantone TPG Format Chips Set). Buy Complete Set The popular Pantone FASHION HOME + INTERIORS 2 books in a chromatic arrangement designed for quick color decisions and easy color lookup. Pantone TPG Chips Book is Ideal for non-fabric materials used to create products the or home .
Pantone TPG Color Specifier & Guide Set FHIP230A [2021 Edition], Pantone TPG Chips Book + Fan (Flyer)
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The New TPG Color Guide & Specifier Set has 315 new colors included for year 2020. Total Colors: 2625 Format: Paper Revised New Edition - 3rdth February, 2020 Older edition - FHIP230N 2 Books and 2 Guide Set Both Guides will have a protection Cover Case [Tested long lasting rich material] The New Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors Specifier Chips Set & Color Guide has 315 new colors as well as the old 2310 colors. The index and color numbers of the old numbers have not changed. The new colors have been added with new color numbers. TPG prefix is included before every color and the specifier chips set has 6 removable chips of size approximately 1cm *1cm each where as the guide has non-removable colors in the format of a fan of size 4.2cm by 2cm. Pantone Color Manager Software Serial Codes for worth US $99 included in the product.
Pantone TPG Replacement Page FHI-RP, Pantone TPG Chips
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Easily replace consumed or missing pages for your PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Specifier. Simply search by page number to re-order. Each replacement page contains seven PANTONE Colors on paper, denoted by the TPG or TPX suffix, with six tear-out chips of each color for easy removal. (Please select which system you are using when ordering replacement pages) Each chip is labeled with the PANTONE Color Number reference Follows the same color, pagination and numerical format as the current FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Guide
Pantone Color Specifier & Guide Supplement FHIP320 [Edition 2020]
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Supplement for TPX and TPG Pantone Set. 315 New Colors for Pantone TPG/TPX Color Guide and 315 New Colors for TPX/TPG Chips Set.  Edition: Official Release - 3rd March 2020 This product has now been discontinued and the new Pantone TPG complete set has to be purchased. 315 new FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors in the supplement. Supplements can easily be added into the existing Specifier and Guide Set Six tear-out chips of each color for palette development, color communication and attaching to design sketches and files Individual replacement pages are available for Pantone Color Specifier Color numbers feature new TPG suffix in the supplement Reformulated colors meet international compliance standards

Pantone TPG is the suffix given to Pantone Colors in the Paper edition category of Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors. Pantone TPG stands for Textile Paper 'Green'. The Suffix was updated in 2015 from its earlier edition of TPX. Pantone TPG has two variants as products which is the Pantone Color Guide (TPG) and Pantone Color Specifier and Guide Set.

The TPG Pantone's first product is the wide opening card book which looks like a fan and must be opened to be used to compare colors constantly in daily office usage. The Pantone TPG Books have several colors on each page, and the colors cannot be cut or disintegrated from the publications.

Why Buy Pantone TPG?

The Pantone TPG Color Specifier, however, has the Pantone TPG Colors in the form of chips, with each Pantone TPG color having 6 terable / removable colors. This gives an advantage to the user since he/she is able to remove the colors and give the same to his dying unit, enabling the customer ro reuse the colros in an effective way. The Pantone TPG Set, includes the Specifier (Chips Set) and the Guide so that the user can make use of the Pantone TPG Colours as per his convenience. TPG for the fashion textile industry must use pantone color standards for matching and designing color stories and color boards within their office, the TPG Pantone suffix identifies the unique 2310 color cards with only one variant however broken down into 2 boxed for simplicity sake.

So the reasons to buy this unique colour standard from us can be summarized as:

  • Special Coating on the colors with waterproof paper
  • Same day view, select and take home the series
  • Use with ease everywhere the series and compatible with other colors as well.

Where is Pantone TPG?

The location of Pantone TPG is at Design Info, India and there it has the most abundant supply of TPG books with 24X7 stock availability. Delivery time for any Pantone TPG Color book is only 1 to 2 days in pan India.

What is the fullform of Pantone TPG?

Pantone TPG stands for "Textile Paper Green" and was introduced for more eco-friendly and natural colors.

How many versions are there in Pantone Textile Paper Books?

There are 2 editions in Pantone paper reference books, namely the Pantone TPG guide and Pantone TPG Specifier Book?

What material is TPG made up of?

TPG is not printed on paper, its a coating that is layered on paper. The material is therefore pape with colors coated making it an ideal color reference book for anyone involved in manufacturing products where color is not absorbed in the surface and stays superficial mostly.