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C/U Fan Guide

Pantone Solid Colors in the Guide format with Coated & Uncoated Series

Pantone Solid Coated Color Charts
Pantone has been creating a wide spectrum of colours that can be utilised by a plethora of industries. The colour chosen has a psychological impact on the viewers and has the ability to evoke certain emotions. As colours can make a person associate with the product, it is imperative for designers to use colours in an appropriate manner. In the colour department, Pantone is the king as it comprehends the constant need to update the options of colours. Every year Pantone launches over 200 colours that are aligned with contemporary trends, art movements and other influential factors. The Pantone solid coated colour charts make these new colours available in a comprehensive manner.
Pantone Solid Coated Colours Keeping Designers Relevant
It is imperative for designers to be up to date with the latest trends and incorporate them within their designs to remain relevant. Any creative product that has been innovated must be appreciated by its audience for it to be successful. The Pantone solid coated colours include a variety of new shades that have been curated with extensive analysis and meticulously carried out research. These spot colours provided assist the designers in creating unique innovative creations. It also cuts down their time invested in researching the trending colours.
Since colours play an important role in a brands identity, a colour selected needs to be decided with utmost precision pertaining to the kind of message the brand would like to convey. Each colour has a significant symbolism and triggers a certain memory and emotion to the viewers, which invariably and subconsciously assists them in making a decision about the brand. Apple uses a pristine shade of white which gives a sense of luxury and purity. With each colour used by the brand, it becomes a part of its identity and many times a person will remember the packaging colour of a new brand before they register the name. Therefore, it is imperative for designers to know the new relevant colours that appeal to the target audience to associate and relate to them.
Pantone solid coated book
The Pantone guide book gives a vast variety of options and opens the designer’s mind to a plethora of colours. The Pantone formula guide coated contains 2162 colours that are arranged in a chromatic manner making it easy for the designer to glide through and view all the shades. With 294 new shades available within this colour guide, this colour chart has all the colour options needed by a designer to create effective branding and logos. The Pantone solid coated is known for its accuracy and is considered as the essential tool for printers and all companies that deal with colour critical operations. These spot colours found within this guide allows to receive maximum accuracy and used for packaging as well. The colours used in packaging are meant to be striking and should be in sync with the brand’s identity. Since a colour conveys a message, a colour symbolises themes and ideologies that the brand wants to be associated with. This Pantone solid coated chart is well organised and has an index at the back of the book that guides the buyers through the cascade of options seen within the shade card. Having a fanlike opening, this colour guide is portable making it a more convenient option for designers. A lighting tool is also made available allowing the users to. This tool indicates the viewer about the light condition and if it is appropriate to conduct matching of colours. Packed with added advantages, with abundant colours, the corresponding CMYK and RGB shades are also made available.
The Pantone solid coated is available in a different format as well. The Pantone solid chips coated is a guide book that comes with removable chips that can be attached to other surfaces as well. These chips are extremely useful while brainstorming ideas that can be used by the designer. Each colour comes with six removable chips allowing the designer to use one colour more than once. These chips are easy to remove and can be re-attached back in the book as well. Buying this Pantone solid coated online gives access to abundant material and resources to create effective mood boards. Mood boards are created by the designers to visualise all the inspiring material that can aid in creating a new design. A mood board has images, theme references and of course options of colours that will assist in conveying the theme and a message. A designer also creates a special mood board just for colours to identify the variable colour combinations. Since a variety of shades are made available in this colour chip book that is organised in a chromatic manner, a designer can browse through the different shades that are made available by Pantone in a systematic manner. Each shade represents a different meaning and can be used to evoke a different emotion. This colour chart has 2161 colours available along with 112 newly added shades as well.
Pantone has created a vast range of colour guides that help all the colour critical industries get accuracy in shades and has laid a foundation for conversations that can transpire with ease between designers and printers. Pantone has created colour guides for specific use and industries as well making it easier for the designers to access the relevant colours. Pantone plus solid coated is one of the colour guides provided to help the designers create products that are brought to focus by the appropriate colour. With industry-specific colour guides, it is easy to pick shades that will complement the basic idea the product wishes to convey and gives appropriate description and symbolism with the help of colours. From packaging to textiles, automobiles to electronics Pantone shade charts have all the colours under the sun that will accentuate the beauty of the surface it is applied on. With yearly new inclusions of colours, these guides are ideal for designers to stay relevant, up to date and include new shades to create contemporary designs.
Buy the latest Pantone Solid colors in the fan deck guide format with coated & uncoated charts packed together in 1 set from the Original Pantone Dealers in India since 35 years. Get a live demo of all the Pantone solid graphic shades with industrial usage.

  • Why is the Pantone Formula Guide essential for graphic designers?

    The Pantone Formula Guide is a cornerstone for graphic designers because it offers a comprehensive and accurate representation of colors. It ensures that designers can visualize and communicate the exact shade they intend for both print and graphic design projects. With the guide’s distinction between coated and uncoated surfaces, designers can maintain consistency across various mediums.

  • How does the coated and uncoated distinction affect color appearance?

    Coated papers have a sealant, resulting in a smooth finish that reflects more light, making colors appear vibrant. In contrast, uncoated papers absorb more light due to their matte finish, making colors appear less vibrant. This distinction ensures that designers can anticipate how colors will appear on different surfaces.

  • What range of colors does the Pantone Formula Guide offer?

    The Pantone Formula Guide boasts an impressive range of 2,390 market-driven spot colors. This extensive palette ensures that designers have a vast array of shades at their disposal, catering to diverse project requirements.

  • Why is color accuracy crucial in the design industry?

    Color accuracy is pivotal because colors convey emotions, messages, and brands’ identities. A slight deviation in shade can alter a design’s impact or message. Hence, tools like the Pantone Formula Guide ensure that designers can consistently communicate their intended visual narrative.