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Which 360 Action camera to buy in 2023?

If you’re someone who loves to capture and share your experiences with family and friends, a 360 Action Camera is a must-have. A 360 Action Camera is a type of camera that captures spherical panoramic video and photos in all directions. It can record 360-degree videos and photos, allowing viewers to experience the content as if they were actually there. This type of camera is perfect for capturing action-packed adventures, sports events, and travel experiences.
A 360 Action Camera allows you to capture immersive content that traditional cameras cannot. With a 360 Action Camera, you can relive your memorable moments and share them with others as if they were right there with you. This camera is perfect for those who want to capture more than just a moment but want to capture the entire experience.
Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves to skydive, bungee jump, or snowboard, or someone who loves to travel the world and explore new places, a 360 Action Camera will enable you to capture your experiences in a new and exciting way. You can use these cameras to capture your adventures in real-time, and then share them with others in the most unique perspective, allowing them a live version from every angle as if they are standing there in place of the camera.
In 2023, there are a wide range of 360 Action Cameras available in the market. To help you choose the best one for your needs, we have put together a comprehensive guide that will help you make an informed decision. We have reviewed the top 360 Action Cameras available in the market and have provided an in-depth analysis of their features, pros, and cons.
So, if you’re planning to buy a 360 Action Camera in 2023, read on to find out which one is the best for you.
Insta360 X3
As the name suggests, this brand has capitalised on the 360 market. This particular model can shoot in 5.7K in 360 as well as 4K in single lens mode. With invisible selfie stick mode and a massively upgraded screen, using this camera can be a really joyful experience. With dedicated Audio enhancement algorithms, you can get clear audio with wind noise reduction. This camera also allows Voice Control 2.0 making it extremely user-friendly. It comes with an 1800 MaH battery capacity, waterproof up to 10m, FlowState Stabilisation and 8K timelapse videos. There is also AI-powered reframing, so you can easily change perspectives in the 360 mode. No matter the selfie stick placement, this AI reframing can reduce your efforts in post-production by a ton. It also has the Horizon lock feature as well as a deeptrack feature, that allows you to keep your subject in the centre of the frame. This is the perfect camera not just for adventures but also leisurely trips to tourist spots, where you want to extract the best of what you see. It of course also comes with active HDR and you can rely on this device to give you ready-to-post videos and photos may they be 360 or regular perspective. A solid bet and one of the best 360 action cameras out there.

Insta360 ONE X2
The Insta360 ONE X2 is a compact and powerful 360 Action Camera part of the same series as the X3. It is perfect for capturing immersive content. It can shoot 360-degree videos and photos in 5.7K resolution featuring FlowState Stabilization like the X3 and also the Invisible Selfie Stick mode. The Insta360 ONE X2 also features Voice Control. It has a battery capacity of 1630mAh, which can last for up to 80 minutes of continuous shooting. This camera also has the horizon lock and deeptrack feature. It is waterproof up to 33’, making it perfect for when you find yourself in the ocean or the pool. With the Insta360 app, you can edit and share your footage quickly and easily.

Insta360 One RS Twin Edition
The Insta350 ONE RS is a modular action camera. What this basically entails is, that the device comes with a core module and the battery base on which mods can be attached. There are several different mods available, and this particular one is one of the key configurations of this model. The twin edition comes with i) 360 mod: which allows for 5.7K video at 30 fps and 18MP Photos. This mod has all the features that the Insta360 lineup offers and is also compatible with the app on both IOS/Android. ii) 4K boost mod: This mod can shoot 4K video at 60 fps and 48MP Photos. It also has Flowstate stabilisation for smooth footage. Overall the entire camera module has 23% more battery life than the Insta360 ONE R and also has Active HDR. That’s not all, in the audio department it has 3 different mic placements ensuring clear and crisp audio. It also comes with two screens (front and rear) and also has instant zoom capabilities.

GoPro Max
One of the earliest 360 cameras available for mass production. This camera shares all the features of its cousins the Hero 9 as well as adding more on top of that. Along with 360 shots, it also supports four other lens size options to get just the right frame. Anywhere from narrow to Maz Supervise this camera has got you covered. It Supports 4992 x 2496 360° Video and 5760 x 2880 Photo Resolutions. With all the other decked-out features that the GoPro lineup offers such as livestreaming, wifi capability, water resistance up to 16’, and HyperSmooth stabilisation it is a perfect camera. This device also auto-stitches the 360 videos in the camera, making post-production that much easier. There are several convenient modes like Auto panorama shots which make shooting previously complex tasks a breeze. Overall a top-class product from a top-class brand. Reliable, sturdy, rugged and great!

Insta360 ONE RS One Inch Lica Edition
This is an even more compact and portable mod of the ONE RS edition. An exclusive vertical form factor and dual lenses make this ergonomic and even more fun to use. This mod supports 6K video at 30fps and 21MP HDR photos. The great feature about this mod is, that it is even interchangeable with the ONE R or RS bases using an optional upgrade. It has a single, colour touchscreen LCD panel with live view. This edition combines the 360 advancements by Insta360 and the amazing imaging and optical design expertise by Leica. This camera like its cousins from Insta360 works with the same app that they do, and can also be swapped for the 4K boost mod or even an audio mod. A dedicated invisible selfie stick sold separately can also be purchased for seamless POV takes and magical perspectives.

Reco Theta X
The final device up on our list is the Reco Theta X 360 Camera. This device has Dual 1/2.0 Type 48MP CMOS Sensors which let it record 5.7K Video at 30 fps and up to 60MP Jpeg Photos, there is also an option to shoot at 11K when the setting is bright for a still image capture. Using the time-shift mode, one can also completely appear invisible in the entire 360 shot. This is one of those devices which also has an internal storage of 46 GB that is also extendable via a MicroSD card. The device is controlled via a 2.25” touchscreen, which can be used as a viewfinder and can later also show the images/videos that have been shot. This camera has a maximum battery life of about 25-50 mins depending on the parameters you shoot at. Just like the other devices on the list, this device also auto-stitches the video in-camera to allow ease of editing and it also has the advantage of swappable batteries that nullifies its setbacks in battery life. With Bluetooth 5.0, WiFI and GPS support this is a trustworthy and sturdy 360 camera that can live stream footage to your smartphone. When used with its dedicated waterproof housing, this camera can be used underwater for up to 40m.

In the end, the choice is entirely upon you. This list showcases everything that the 360 camera market has to offer in 2023. We have seen devices without any screens to ones with two of them, modular options and sturdy standalone ones too. The main things to consider apart from price, is also your own needs for footage. If you know you are purely an adrenaline junky, then the GoPro would be the best option for you, and if you value the professionalism of your footage, then many of the Insta360 options will please your tastes. The selection process has been made easier for you through this blog, go ahead and choose your companion for this unique perspective!

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