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Trend Forecast Books

Trend Forecast Books
Trend Forecast Books

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Trend Forecasting, A meticulous curation

A meticulously researched analysis that takes several integral factors into consideration, trend forecasting is a guide that assists designers to come up trend relevant designs. With the textile industry taking over the world with its aesthetically pleasing designs, it has become paramount to keep up with the demands of the current trend. Design innovations are seen within the fashion, home décor and interior industries need to be constantly updated with changing seasons. The fashion industry has been known to have two prominent seasons with runways shows that showcase the innovations that will help display the trends created by high-end brands. These trends are then further analysed on various fronts to create a trend forecast that accurately states the fads that will most likely be appreciated by the audience.

Fashion Forecast

Fashion is one of the most impressionable and globally reaching medium. The fashion forecasts take all the factors that can influence the upcoming trends into consideration. Contemporary art, influential movies that trend play an important role in deciphering the upcoming trends. The fashion forecasting analyses the trend searches made by viewers and audience across the globe to study what fads they are interested in. Colours also play an important part and vary from season to season. The Spring-Summer trend prediction includes colours that are bright, peppy and evokes a feeling of happiness. The Autumn-Winter collection, on the other hand, has colour trends that are more sombre and subtle in comparison. 

The Runway shows are an exhibition of the designs created by globally renowned designers who are stated to be trendsetters. These luxury brand trends analysed in terms of silhouettes, colours, prints and patterns. The professionals who analyse these features from the runway further study the response revived by acclaimed fashion magazines. Analysts also study the fads that are seen I trade show exhibitions. With the overwhelming reach and usage of social media, the streetwear styles adopted from across the world has become easily accessible to the trend analysts. They can further study the styles incorporated by fashion influencers on an international level at their fingertips. Reviewing all this information a trend analysis is created for all the fashion genres. From men’s to women’s, children’s wear to athleisure, resortwear to swimwear, a trend forecast is available to all designers who work within these criteria. Accessories and footwear trends are similarly forecasted.

Trend Prediction

As trend predictions take place in the fashion industry, using the same principles, trend forecasting also takes place for home décor and interiors. Being an integral part of the textile industry, the colours, prints and patterns seen within this realm are given its due importance. With trade shows, exhibitions, magazines and contemporary trends affecting the trends, the analysts review and study all these factors to create a trend analysis that will enable designers to create contemporary and relevant designs. There are specialised trend predictions created for colour, all segments of fashionwear and home décor making it easy for the designers to buy the relevant trend forecasting book according to their niche.

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