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Pantone TCX is a subcategory of the Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors. The Pantone TCX name signifies the 100% Cotton Fabric Colors of all the Pantone colors in the FHIC category of Pantone. This subcateogry does not have any colors on paper.
How many books are there in Pantone TCX?
There are 4 Books on Pantone TCX which contain the same number of colors however they differ based on their size of the Pantone TCX Swatches present in the books.  Each , Pantone TCX Book has similar colors neatly placed in the books. In few books the Pantone TCX Colors can be removed and in a few books they are non-removable. Pantone TCX Colors gives a real feel of the Pantone Colors on Fabric and is much easy to compare to the actual fabric which has to be manufactured. These books are used the leather, shoes, home textile, furnishing, textile printing, fashion designing, testing of colors, etc. Advanced exporters prefer these books as compared to the paper products which are more confined to the designers only.
The four different types of Pantone TCX Books & Pantone TCX Color Charts are as follows:

The Pantone FHIC100, called the Pantone TCX Swatch library, is a bundle of 6 books and has all the Pantone TCX Colors in a size of 2Inch X 2Inch neatly placed and arranged. Large export houses and manufacturers prefer the Pantone Swatch Library because it has a much larger size and easy to communicate with the other workers in the production house. This set of books has Pantone TCX Swatches which are removable and can be replaced back in the swatch packets.
The Pantone FHIC200, referred to as the Pantone TCX Cotton Passport is the smallest Pantone TCX book and has all the Pantone Colors in the TCX format in a small size of 1cm X 1cm. The colors are attached to the pages of the books and cannot be removed. The Pantone Cotton Passport is used for reference of Pantone TCX colors only since the size is small. This Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors TCX Passport book is used by graphic designers and chemical testing matching only.
The Pantone TCX Cotton Planner FHIC300 (Fashion, Home + Interiors) is the fastest selling Pantone TCX book since this Pantone TCX book has all the TCX colors in swatches of 1.6cm X 1.6 cm. From the Pantone Cotton Planner, the TCX chips are non-removable however the colors are on pages which are separatable. This Pantone Book is in the form of a file – jurnal which is easy to carry around and can be presented to the customers. A budget friendly product for all users.
The Pantone TCX Cotton Chips Set FHIC400 – the best Pantone TCX Book to purchase has a set of 2 books as part and part 2. This book has all the Pantone TCX colors removable with a size of 1inch X 1inch and can be used and replaced back into the book. As compared to the Pantone Swatch Library this book is very cost friendly almost cost 1/3rd of the FHIC100. Each page has several colors in the book and has a metal binders for the easy turning of pages.

What is the best option to buy Pantone TCX Colors?
The last option to purchase Pantone TCX Colors is via the Smart Swatch cards of size 4inch X 8inch. This is the lasrgest size of color possible and cannot be found in any Pantone book. For a one time use or for designers working season wise needing only a few colors per season opt for the Smart Color TCX Swatch Cards since it costs only Rs700/- and has a very large size thus can be cut and used several times.
TCX Pantone colours, a colour guide for the textile industry.
TCX Pantone colours provide a wide spectrum of colours that can be incorporated on all textile surfaces. From fashion to home décor and interior design, these Pantone fabric books are the go-to guide for any textile designer. In the textile industry, aesthetics is key and the designs need to be alluring for the customers to be satisfied. With the seasonal change, the fashion industry has now adopted the concept of fast fashion which requires the designers to innovate at a much faster pace. With the increase in demand for creativity and new designs, the fashion designers need a guide that is predominantly created for the textile industry. The TCX Pantone colours are the ideal colour referencing guide that gives the designers access to a plethora of colours that will add to the aesthetics of the fabrics.
Home décor and interior designs are a booming part of the textile industry the products are considered a reflection of the homeowner. A style statement and a reflection of personal taste, interior designers need to keep up with the current trends and contemporary fads that will ensure that their work stands out. Colour is the most relatable thing in design and adds to the beauty while connecting with the buyers. Colour has a psychological impact and helps people associate with designs and themes. Pantone comprehends the importance of colours making it available on an international scale. The TCX Pantone book price in India varies with the kind of product and is available on Design Info at a click of a button.
Pantone Fabric Books
Pantone fabric books contain a vast option of colour on cotton. A buyer can get a complete set that encompasses all the necessary colours with the Pantone swatch book that has 2625 colours. After conducting extensive trend researches and analysing upcoming colours, this colour reference book has an addition of 315 new colours and shades that can be incorporated on any textile surface. The Pantone swatch book library consists of 6 colour coded binders that encompass a plethora of choices. The colour swatches found within this Pantone fabric book are 2” by 2” giving an adequate sized visualisation of the colours which are printed on cotton fabric. These binders are portable and allow the buyer to have access to a set of colours that will act as a permanent colour referencing system. It also includes blank folders that can assist the designer in palette creation and presentation of ideal colours.
Pantone TCX cotton planner is another book that is available for desktop viewing. It comes with a colour printed on non-optically brightened paper with the shades displayed in 1.58 cm X 1.58cm size. It also includes all the 2625 shades along with the 315 new additions available. The cotton chips are attached permanently and have the Pantone TCX name stated below the corresponding shade.
Supplements for the Pantone TCX cotton planner are also available on the Design Info website. The Pantone TCX smart colour swatch cards are also available in its multitude of colours. Ideal for mood boards, conceptualising ideas and incorporated with themes by designers. These larger swatches are availed in 2,100 TCX colours. With several choices to pick from and different price ranges TCX Pantone book price in India come from different price ranges and different packaging and the buyer has several options that can be used for textile colour guidance.
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  • What are Pantone TCX Books?

    Pantone TCX Books are specialized color guides from Pantone, specifically designed for the fashion, home, and interiors sector. They offer a comprehensive range of colors, ensuring designers have the exact shades they need for their projects.

  • Why are Pantone TCX Books essential for designers?

    Pantone TCX Books provide precision and consistency in color representation. They ensure that designers can replicate the exact shades across different materials and mediums, making them an indispensable tool in the design process.

  • How often are Pantone TCX Books updated?

    Pantone regularly updates its TCX range to stay in line with market demands and trends. The latest editions, for instance, introduced 315 new, on-trend colors, ensuring that designers have access to the most current shades.

  • Can Pantone TCX colors be replicated in digital mediums?

    Yes, Pantone TCX colors are designed for precision and can be replicated across various mediums, including digital platforms. This ensures that the colors designers choose in the physical book translate accurately when used in digital designs.