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    Colorchecker Camera Calibration Tools for Color Correction

    The ColorChecker Color Rendition Chart is a color calibration target consisting of a cardboard-framed arrangement of 24 squares of painted samples. The ColorChecker Classic target is an array of 24 scientifically formulated colors that has been the leading industry color reference target. For more than 40 years, ColorChecker Targets have delivered accurate and repeatable color results in photography and filmmaking with targets right for every shoot. It can be used in conjunction with the ColorChecker Camera calibration software to create the custom profile to save time in editing your photos.

    Create a white balance with your digital camera to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white under any lighting condition with X-Rite MSCCC ColorChecker Classic.

    Generally, people use a ColorChecker one of two different ways – to just set a custom, accurate white balance or for full-color adjustment

    The ColorChecker Gray Balance target will help you obtain instant gray balance, evaluate studio lighting and make quick color adjustments, ensuring your camera’s Raw photo image or video footage accurately portrays real life. The ColorChecker Gray Balance card is a pocket size version of the 18% gray reference square in the standard 24-patch ColorChecker.

    Specifically designed to meet the needs of digital photographers, the Digital ColorChecker SG target includes the highest quality color reference standards available. It consists of an array of 140 colors: 24 patches from original Color Checker, 17 step gray scale and 14 unique skin tone colors.

    On site, use the ColorChecker Grayscale Target as the first reference shot in a photo series or video footage to instantly correct color by balancing on the mid-tone gray value. If you are looking for accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility, Colorchecker Passport 2 can help you capture the colors of the world more perfectly and ensure you are editing the most accurate files possible.

    X-Rite Colorchecker Tools – Meeting needs of Digital Photographers

    ColorChecker Passport Video will help you get a better camera-to-camera match, achieve perfect exposure & easily edit for mixed lighting in a convenient portable protective case. Reduce video editing time & get to your creative look faster.

    ColorChecker White Balance gives you a way to adjust your digital camera’s color sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions; in effect, change what the camera sees. X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL is designed for those longer and wider shots when you need a larger reference target. It will speed up your color correction process and save you hours in post. Use it to nail exposure, match multiple cameras and maintain consistency during changing light, so you can tell your story as perfectly as possible.

    The large format ColorChecker Video target is great for pre-camera checks and for wider shots, both in studio and on location. With the ColorChecker Video MEGA target, you can capture the target at a greater distance or wider angle to speed up your color grading workflow by achieving ideal exposure and color balance.

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