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ColorChecker Targets

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ColorChecker Targets

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ColorChecker Targets Family | Distributor for India X-rite

  • Which industry is a colorchecker used?

    Colorcheckers are profiling tools used in Photography, Filmaking, Camera and Scanning profiling purposes.

  • What is a colorchecker used for?

    A colorchecker is designed to deliver true-to-life color reproduction so photographers & filmmakers can customize their camera and scanning profile to predict and control how color will look under any illumination.

  • How many colors are present in the colorchecker?

    There are 24 colors in the colorchecker which represent real life colors to give accurate results while profiling.

  • Which profiling to use for video calibration?

    You can use the colorchecker video for shooting video, balancing, grading, setting exposure and editing under different light conditions.