What’s the Fashion at Dover Street Market, London, UK?

Dover Street Market London UK (1)

Dover Street Market, one of the world’s most influential fashion, design and retail spaces, has relocated its London store to Haymarket in Piccadilly, and opened with a striking new interior that’s three times the size of the original. While honouring the building’s existing heritage features by leaving them intact, DSM has invited an eclectic mix […]

Forecasting Sportswear Styles A/W 20/21?

Forecasting Sportswear Styles AW 2021

The power of the collective over the individual is brought to the fore once more, as sportswear sets aside the cult of the celebrity in favour of pragmatic product focus and a knowledge-driven core. With ‘outsider status’ rapidly losing currency as a means to inject desirability into flagging brands – even in an age where […]

Club Oasis – Desert Wear Prints Concepts for Fabrics

Club Oasis - Desert Wear Prints Concepts for Fabrics

SOURCE Taking note from the late 1960s and early ‘70s, we find a look rooted in free-spirited escapism and eclecticism. A key inspiration is found in Leonard Knight’s captivatingly colorful Salvation Mountain, hand built from clay and junk in the Californian desert. This revisited fascination with analog creation is seen closer to home in the […]

Designers Challenge Perception of Surface, Texture & Weight

Designers Challenge Perception of Surface, Texture & Weight

THE FORM – SOFT Classic Art is revisited with rounded edges and deceptively soft materials. Perceptions of surface, texture and weight are challenged by designers creating furniture and interiors that juxtapose contradictory material form and colour qualities. Monolithic geometric forms are combined in palettes of warm greys, flesh-toned nudes and beige. 1. ROLY POLY: ASSEMBLAGE […]

Industrial Luxe – Does it feel enchanting?

Industrial Luxe - Does it feel enchanting

Industrial materials are elevated to designed forms and celebrated for their inherent qualities. Stainless steel wire-framed structures in primary-coloured, powdered coatings create a sophisticated, bright utilitarian aesthetic. Furniture is constructed of juxtaposed 2D geometric shapes to create graphic layers, often with a trompe l’oeil effect on perceptions of dimension. Alternatively, structures are formed through gentle wire bending to […]

Top 6 People Using Surrealist Shapes

Top 6 People Using Surrealist Shapes

THE SHAPE – SURREALIST Product and furniture designs take on surrealist shapes, channeling their inner Dalí and Magritte. Irregular 2D and 3D forms appear morphed, melted and dripping, with high-gloss and metalized finishes. 1. SALOMINKA BY VERA PANICHEWSKAJA Salonika is an exploration of color and form using the traditional Russian craft of marquetry to blur the […]

The Inclusive Making Hub – Makerversity

The Inclusive Making Hub - Makerversity (2)

Makerversity is a tight-knit community of emerging maker businesses that behaves as a ‘shared creative and technical brain,’ says Ursula Davies, group MD. Makerversity, which has campuses in London and Amsterdam, provides members with a co-working space fully equipped with workshops, machines and tools. The driving force behind Makerversity, explains Davies, is to inspire young […]

Whats the fizz about Fermented Food?

The fizz about Fermented Food

There’s a buzz – certainly more than a fizz – about fermented foods, as people keen on the positive effects of probiotics and good gut health rediscover this centuries-old method of food preservation. Fermented foods have long been known to promote the presence of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Today, many traditional foods from […]

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

There is a growing need for new products which assume multiple roles and are designed to work in more than one context. Quiet and compact, the Teawith Kettle, designed by Royal College of Art graduate Keren Hu, fits the bill exactly. Smaller than a standard kettle, with the stylish, minimalist looks of a modern teapot, […]