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Light Modifiers & Shapers

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Light Modifiers & Shapers

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Highlight your images with light modifiers
Using the best light modifiers can change your photo effect massively. Design Info provides innovative brands of light modifiers with guaranteed quality of service. Increase the light intensity and highlight the focus with these brand new products. Improve your lighting with us!
It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting in an outdoor area or an indoor studio. Modifiers can drastically change the atmosphere and the light setting. It works in both natural and artificial light. Light modifiers can be used to achieve a particular mood. With the help of these modifiers, you will be able to highlight the important scenes.
One of the most used categories of light modifiers is umbrellas and softboxes. They both function by diffusing the light and spreading it. Thus it helps in creating a larger light source. Furthermore, they are portable and more easily manageable. It also controls the direction of the reflected light. An umbrella is an example of a flash modifier. It consists of two models, a shoot-through model, and reflective types. Reflectors and Barndoors play a vital role in photography as well.
Umbrellas create a high-quality light. It is very soft and abundant. They are easy and effortless to use. It can also be used if you want to light a larger area with flat even light. Another major importance is they are relatively cheap. Most of the photographers have these as their first and common preference. The premium Softbox light modifiers are a trending model to choose from nowadays. Lenses and lighting gels decide the mood of a photo. You can easily choose which mood you want to portray through your photo using different types of diffusing gels.
Different types of umbrellas and light shapers
Umbrellas come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common among them is silver or gold reflective umbrellas. These light shapers spread light evenly throughout the location. They are the perfect option for focusing and shooting a large crew. The silver umbrella gives you a cooler effect and the gold one creates a much warmer tone. Both produce a slightly warmer light than the white reflective umbrella.
Another type of modifier is the white reflective umbrella. This one gives a soft light more contrast than the other types. They are a great type to use while shooting outdoors without adequate lighting. If you film wedding photography, then they are the best option. White Shoot through umbrella is another type. They are ideal for a beginner photographer.

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