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Flash Camera Triggers | Camera Receivers | Wireless System

Radio & Optical Triggers

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Weddings, portraits, and product photography demand precise lighting. This is only possible when the photographer has total control over the external flash systems. In such situations, radio triggers and optical flash triggers come in handy. These flash systems can also create bouncing or toned lights effects.  
What are studio light triggers? And how are they used?
Lighting triggers are devices that send signals to your light setup and helps turn on the flash automatically at the push of a button. You can pair multiple flash systems with a single trigger or transmitter. 
There are two types of flash triggers in the market, let’s explore each of them. 
Optical Trigger: 
An optical trigger is also known as a slave flash that triggers by sensing a bright flashlight. This entire process lets you create an impressive light composition which is normally hard to achieve. These are great speed light triggers too, as their sensors can detect the flash and triggers the speed light instantly.
To make sure that your optical slave triggers at the right time, you need to make sure that all the flashlights are placed in a line of sight. 
Radio Trigger: 
Radio triggers work both as a strobe light trigger and a flashgun trigger. It is wireless trigger systems that use signals to your lighting setup triggering the flash in the process. Radio trigger cables allow you to connect to multiple lighting systems and use the same transmitter to trigger them. 
You can save a lot of time, with radio triggers as you don’t have to worry about creating multiple setups and moving your lights around. With the radio slave trigger connected to the flash, you can trigger it using the radio transmitter. 
There are different channels that can be triggered with the buttons on the transmitter. A radio signal transmitter allows you to set up many lighting setups on these channels. With minor adjustments, you can also use your camera flash with trigger in a radio setup. 
To make sure that your lighting setup works properly, you can use the test buttons for demo flash before clicking photographs. Some transmitters also allow you to make changes to the settings of the flash. 
Radio and optical trigger accessories:
In order to connect these triggers to your lighting setup, you will require trigger accessories like cables such as male to PC, pre-release and release cables, phono male to miniphone, and miniphone to male. These cables make sure your lighting setup responds to your commands at all times and also help you in harnessing your creativity.
If you want to take your photography to the next level, you can use a TTL radio remote with your camera’s hotshoe. It is a wireless camera flash trigger and can help you get faster shots while giving you more control over the lighting. 

Triggers are the most important tool of a photographer. A trigger light setup can help in controlling the lights for the needed composure. There are two types of triggers, optical triggers and radio (wireless) triggers.

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