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RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]

RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]
RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]

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RAL K5 CLASSIC Semi-Matte Shade Card – The world‘s leading industrial colour collection

The RAL CLASSIC K5 colour collection has been essential for the precise communication of colours especially for paints and home decor for over 80 years. Therefore, ‘RAL 1037 Sun Yellow’ in Semi Matte edition is the exact same colour everywhere in the world.

 RAL K5 Semi-Matte Colour fan deck with 216 RAL CLASSIC colours:

• U-shaped protective cover

• Full-page colour illustration 5.0 x 15.0 cm

• Well-suited for colour combinations and colour comparisons

• RAL K5 is Semi-matte with a smooth finish. The RAL K5 Colour Chart is widely used in the paint industry and is one of the best colour charts for the Paint Manufacturing industry. 

GTIN: 723434691155


RAL K5 Semi Matte 216 Colour Fan Deck Chart Classic

RAL presents one of the best-selling colour charts in the market, RAL K5 Semi-matt colour charts. (Also available in glossy finish) While there are plenty of colour sampling books available in the market, RAL’s K5 semi-matt colour chart is the most preferred amongst all of them. RAL understand the criticality involved in selecting the right color shade. The company is aware how a slide change in shade can bring about a drastic change in the color. Hence it uses a 4-digit color numbering format for every color. The 4-digit numeric code has become a standardised tool to identify the colour and well accepted throughout the globe for more than 70 years. This is why one finds ‘RAL 1037 Sun Yellow’ to be the same everywhere. The book is used primarily used a guide for picking and validating color for paint and coatings across the globe. It includes a set of 215 colors in semi-matt finish. All the colors in the guide are systematically arranged for easy identification.

The guide also includes a small set of Fluorescent and Metallic colors. All the colors have been dedicated a full-page (5cm by 1.5 cm) to enhance the visualisation abilities so readers can appropriately conduct color matching and color comparison. Overall the book contains two set of guides – coated as well as uncoated colors and is available in semi-matt finish. The coated edition is called the RAL K5 Gloss and the uncoated edition with a matte finish and smoother look is the RAL K5 semi Matte Edition. It also has a color index towards the end for ease of tracing. A lighting evaluation tool is also provided so the design applications are updated with the latest colors. The book has a wide range of applications including paint manufacturing as well as the creation of colors in chemical laboratories. Moreover, the fan-like packaging is sturdy to carry and makes it easy to test and match the color with the designs. All the colors have been formulated using ink film thickness so the same color is printed on press. The RAL K5 is a part of the RAL CLASSIC collection and is known for its accuracy, and ease of use. It comes in a convenient U-Shaped protective cover to shield against physical damages such as dust or water. Applications

  • Wall Painting & Coating, Manufacture of Paints & Chemicals
  • Building & Construction Material Color Matching Shades
  • Home Décor & interiors.

Reviews of Ral Shade Card K5 Classics

  • Designers praise the convenient packaging
  • Buyers love the variety of color tones
  • The quality of the book has attracted many buyers
  • The standardised color format helps readers to communicate the color shade with confidence and accuracy

RAL K5 is different from the classic colour template in terms of size. A K5 chart is more legible as the size of the colour samples is larger, with a full-scale 5.0 x 15.0 cm colour illustration available. The bi sized templates make it possible for the users to not only use the colour charts for matching the shades but also visualise the colour combinations that can be used. In comparison to a regular the RAL classic, the K5 also comes in a semi-matte option as well as the glossy chart, whereas the classic is only available with a glossy finish. This colour chart is considered to be the best option within the Paint industry and is widely used for the manufacturing of paints.

The RAL K5 book has two kinds of finishes available to buy – the coated as well as an uncoated colour shade card. The two editions have all the 216 colours included and are categorised under two names –

  •        RAL K5 Gloss – The coated editions
  •        RAL K5 Semi Matte Edition – The uncoated edition which gives a smoother look

RAL K5 is user friendly and has a systematic presentation that allows the buyers to browse through the colour variations with ease. The shade card includes a colour index at the end, indicating the users to the shade they are looking for. There is a lighting evaluation instrument attached along with the shade card as well. With a fan-like shape that can be shut and enclosed within a casing, the RAL K5’s design simplifies the task of matching and comparing shades with designs and products. One of the major drawbacks a user faces while using shade cards is that the printed product may not have the same outcome. As RAL comprehends the possibility of having a different shade printed, the colours on the shade card have been created with ink film thickness ensuring that the same colour will be printed on the desired product. The RAL Classic shade cards are renowned for its accuracy, portability and quality.  

RAL is a mode of communication that ensures the best interest of the manufacturer and the retailer. With a vast spectrum of colours that encompass us, architects, designers and creators try to incorporate shades that add to the aesthetic value of their design. With the barrage of shades available it can be a challenging task ensuring that the manufacturer or the printer uses the precise colour that is desired. Lack of effective communication gives way to errors and confusion. RAL has established an easy method that is adopted globally to solve this issue leaving no scope for mistakes. With different shade cards, RAL has deciphered the shade colour names and codes making communication smooth between the retailers and manufacturers. 

RAL K5 Shade Card, Need of the Hour

With the surplus of colours that encompasses us, from flowers in a garden to textile designs, home décor to architecture, automobiles to the mere paint, we are surrounded by an abundance of colours. Due to the light, saturation and hues, the colours have variations within itself creating a cascade of options for designers to use. With countless options, there is bound to be chaos while communicating the precise shade that is desired. RAL has registered the need for differentiating between the shades to avoid any confusion. RAL over the years as added colours to its templates and given names and codes for each shade and variation, creating an organised method of communication. Being internationally recognised, RAL has created a foundation to communicate colours with people from any part of the world. Any manufacturer and retailer can have a conversation about colour, shades and have their exact requirement transpired with an easy flow devoid of uncertainty.

About RAL Color Chart

RAL is the creator of the mode of communication that has been used on an international scale. The innovation has given each colour an identity and made it easy for people to what know colour has been referred to. RAL Classic charts were the first colour templates made with 40 shades which now includes over 200 different colours. With a plethora of options found within these shade cards, different industries have been using RAL for over 90 years.

RAL Semi Matte – The Best Alternative

RAL has been providing quality-assured colour shade cards that have been utilised on a global scale. With other colour templates available, RAL provides a cascade of information in a systematic and legible manner. All the different shade cards provided by RAL encompass a vast variety of colours with even the minute changes and variations within a single colour bracket as well. Being in the business of providing the mode of communication, RAL fathoms the importance of a slight change in colour can also make to the final outcome.

RAL code consists of a 4 digits code for each shade and a RAL K5 colour chart has 216 colours within its template. The RAL code a colour becomes its identity and it is the standard code across the globe. This ensures that the shade is identified by any person and universally recognised. It is also utilised to authenticate and validate the colour of a product once it is received and ensures the retailer gets what the design needed. The template also includes Fluorescent and Metallic colours giving the user the best experience of utilising the shade card.

Coating Color Matching with RAL K5

RAL Classic colour system was initiated with 40 colours within the template. The shades found became the primary colours for camouflage for the German army during the second world war. The colour was utilised on ammunitions as well as the tanks and automobiles. As of today, RAL has added a plethora of shades that are recognised and utilised on a global scale. The automobiles, home décor, paint industries that use matte, metallic and glossy surfaces are dominated with RAL defined colours. The RAL shade card as brought consistency to varnishing and paints. Mainly used for powder coating RAL colour charts ensure that there is no confusion within shades even with a minute variation within the colour. RAL is considered to be the go-to option for the following industries –

  •        Varnish
  •        Paint
  •        Automobiles
  •        Architecture
  •        Road Safety
  •        Advertising

List of all 216 RAL Color shades are as follows

RAL 1000RAL 1011RAL 1019
RAL 1001RAL 1012RAL 1020
RAL 1002RAL 1013RAL 1021
RAL 1003RAL 1014RAL 1023
RAL 1004RAL 1015RAL 1024
RAL 1005RAL 1016RAL 1026
RAL 1006RAL 1017RAL 1027
RAL 1007RAL 1018RAL 1028
RAL 1032RAL 2002RAL 2011
RAL 1033RAL 2003RAL 2012
RAL 1034RAL 2004RAL 2013
RAL 1035RAL 2005RAL 3000
RAL 1036RAL 2007RAL 3001
RAL 1037RAL 2008RAL 3002
RAL 2000RAL 2009RAL 3003
RAL 2001RAL 2010RAL 3004
RAL 3005RAL 3016RAL 3028
RAL 3007RAL 3017RAL 3031
RAL 3009RAL 3018RAL 3032
RAL 3011RAL 3020RAL 3033
RAL 3012RAL 3022RAL 4001
RAL 3013RAL 3024RAL 4002
RAL 3014RAL 3026RAL 4003
RAL 3015RAL 3027RAL 4004
RAL 4005RAL 5000RAL 5009
RAL 4006RAL 5001RAL 5010
RAL 4007RAL 5002RAL 5011
RAL 4008RAL 5003RAL 5012
RAL 4009RAL 5004RAL 5013
RAL 4010RAL 5005RAL 5014
RAL 4011RAL 5007RAL 5015
RAL 4012RAL 5008RAL 5017
RAL 5018RAL 5026RAL 6007
RAL 5019RAL 6000RAL 6008
RAL 5020RAL 6001RAL 6009
RAL 5021RAL 6002RAL 6010
RAL 5022RAL 6003RAL 6011
RAL 5023RAL 6004RAL 6012
RAL 5024RAL 6005RAL 6013
RAL 5025RAL 6006RAL 6014
RAL 6015RAL 6024RAL 6034
RAL 6016RAL 6025RAL 6035
RAL 6017RAL 6026RAL 6036
RAL 6018RAL 6027RAL 6037
RAL 6019RAL 6028RAL 6038
RAL 6020RAL 6029RAL 7000
RAL 6021RAL 6032RAL 7001
RAL 6022RAL 6033RAL 7002
RAL 7003RAL 7012RAL 7026
RAL 7004RAL 7013RAL 7030
RAL 7005RAL 7015RAL 7031
RAL 7006RAL 7016RAL 7032
RAL 7008RAL 7021RAL 7033
RAL 7009RAL 7022RAL 7034
RAL 7010RAL 7023RAL 7035
RAL 7011RAL 7024RAL 7036
RAL 7037RAL 7046RAL 8007
RAL 7038RAL 7047RAL 8008
RAL 7039RAL 7048RAL 8011
RAL 7040RAL 8000RAL 8012
RAL 7042RAL 8001RAL 8014
RAL 7043RAL 8002RAL 8015
RAL 7044RAL 8003RAL 8016
RAL 7045RAL 8004RAL 8017
RAL 8019RAL 9002RAL 9016
RAL 8022RAL 9003RAL 9017
RAL 8023RAL 9004RAL 9018
RAL 8024RAL 9005RAL 9022
RAL 8025RAL 9006RAL 9023
RAL 8028RAL 9007
RAL 8029RAL 9010
RAL 9001RAL 9011

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Packaging Dimensions5 × 10 × 10 cm


2 reviews for RAL K5 Semi Matte Colour Chart Classic (216) Shade Card [2022 Edition]

  1. Kamlesh Behra (verified owner)

    This shade card had all the RAL Classic Colors. They are quite useful for paint manufacturing.

  2. Sonali Dodharia (verified owner)

    This shade colour book has become quite handy for us in the laboratory. It has a number of shades and is large in size.

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