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RAL Paint Shade Card for PU, Plastics, Wall Floor & Home | RAL Paint Color Chart

The source of paint shade cards with latest and globally accepted color standards. Only relevant and industrially accepted RAL colors presented with best deals to buy and get delivered same day. Brands presented in different Paint shade cards include RAL, Munsell & NCS. Paint shade cards are needed in powder coating, wall paints, emulsifiers, chemicals, floor paints and home decor – furniture. Design Info has handpicked the best ones for you so that you dont have to hunt anywhere else. RAL is universal and global thus making it ideas as a paint shade card with 213 colors. The color quantitiy may be less but its ideal as most custom paints are chosen from these 213 colors only. For example when we talk about govertment projects or construction units requiring a customized paint color, these RAL colors satisfy the requirement. Most manufacturers of paints and powder coating, only use these specific paint colors. The RAL Paint shade card makes it and ideal candidate.
Why the RAL Paint Color Chart?
Ral paint charts are portable and easy to access for all users. Its designer edition contains the additional colors which may be needed in home furnishing. For Railways to Home Paint, its RAL thats used everywhere.
As part of the revision of RAL’s corporate identity, a uniform colour was established across all business areas in recent years. This was a necessary step to set a company colour as the default colour. Because of the large number of cooperation’s and industries in which RAL as a paint shade card is active, the demand for the exact colour value has been increased, so it was assumed that there was an overriding public interest. RAL ORANGE was born and take part in the RAL CLASSIC Colour Collection as one of the best colors of the RAL Paint color charts.
In general, there are many reasons for a company colour: a higher recognition value and confidence building among consumers towards the RAL brand, processes can be standardized and simplified, and communication with the outside world becomes more stringent. At the same time, the need for coordination with partners and external service providers has been significantly reduced. A classic case of colour standardization for the color charts. RAL has been used as an inhouse colour by several paint, PU and poweder manufacturing companies for around 15 years. The paint chart colour tones signals creativity, optimism and change and thus visualizes essential properties that have characterized RAL through almost 100 years of company history.
How many types of RAL Fan deck are available?
RAL has 3 main fan decks. The smallest one is a part of the classic series and is call RAL K7 fan deck. Its slim and opens like a fan. It has the classic series color in them. The second one after K7 is the RAL K5 deck which is available in matte and gloss. The largest deck is from the design series and is called RAL D2 fan deck. RAL decks are universal color standards in the paint and chemicals business and make it easy in matching colors around the world.

  • What kind of paints are compatible with RAL Shade card?

    RAL paint shade cards are compatible with oil, enamel, emulsion, cement, bituminious, aluminium, anti-corrosive, synthetic rubber, cellulose, plastic, silicate and casein types of paints.

  • Which paint brands have shade cards manufactured by them?

    RAL, NCS and Munsell are the only brands that manufacture their own shade cards specifically for standardized paints.

  • How to use a shade card to match several paints and plastics?

    The shade card must be numbered chronologically and have multiple colors covering the full range of shades needed. The shade card must be fan shades to allow easy referencing and portability. Lastly the shade card must not look different in changing light conditions.