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Color Shade Cards

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Explore Color Shade Cards in India for Fashion, Design, Paints, Home & More

Compare and buy the best color fan reference books for your specific need. Color Standards are designed with high accuracy and stadardised globally based on their requirement. The pigments and technology used to manufacture these shade cards depend upon the primary use case.

Pantone Plus Series Graphic Shades
RGB & CMYK Pantone PMS Colors for printing process, graphic guides, metallics, pastels etc colors for printers, inks, chemicals, etc.

Pantone TCX Color Books Shades
1005 Original Cotton Swatches in book format of 2310 Pantone colors for textiles, yarns, fibre, dyeing and processing.

When creating new textile designs it is necessary to be aware of the colour trends that are prevailing in the current season. A prediction and systematically curated forecast states the colours that will be dominating the textile industry and inspires textile designers to innovate designs that blend well with the colours.  With the colour shade card we provide, we ensure that you step out in the world ready with intensive knowledge that can be banked upon we also understand the delicate side of the flow. Creative designing is everywhere, it is full of movement that you want to capture and present in a summary. Your thoughts, your ideas all have a meaning. They need to come out and be expressed in terms that people understand and relate to. We understand this and bring method to your imagination allowing you to create trend appropriate designs with the of the shade cards. As the Authorized Distributor largest collection of Colour Shades in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Bangalore it supplies Pantone Colour Cards with all Pantone Shades at the best price. More than 20,000 satisfied customers keep themselves updated with the latest trends by following various Charts.
Industries that utilise shade card
Different segments of textile manufacturing and fashion retail industry have been successfully catered. The colour shade cards with names are regularly purchased and used by designers & with Pantone Color Shade Cards and with the excellent collaboration, quick results are given. Every segment of the fashion, home & interiors industry is covered by us. Some of these colour forecast books include the Latest Shade Cards and the Pantone Formula Guide which have helped several graphic designers, pharmaceuticals & chemicals industry. Since years Design Info has stocked the largest collection of Swatch cards and RAL Colour charts as well. Assuring the fast delivery in India with payment on delivery option, you can now buy Colour shade Books and get it delivered the same day. All your colour solutions await you at Design Info
Relevance of Colour Trends
“colour Shade Cards has the power that directly influences the vision, product and sourcing.”
This quote by Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky aptly sums up the overarching impact of colour in our lives. It subtly influences everything from our state of mind to the decisions we make.  Colours are so interwoven into the fabric of our lives that we seldom stop to question their influence over us. When it comes to businesses too, the impact of a colour cannot be understated. It plays a significant role in consumer decision making, especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. A fabric shade card is curated in a manner that it provides details of the various colours and assist in influencing the designs. Giving you, a perfect balance of design amalgamated with colours. Enabling you to improve your skills with a well curated colour catalogue. It helps you to cut out the noise and bringing along pure infinite tranquility and understanding of the colour trends. Bringing to you the originality that is so much the essence of the masterpiece that is created. Establishing your own style and identity that no other can take. Making your output so much in demand. Designing is looked as an extension of the personality that always is in search of an expression. This expression must be appreciated and understood by the people for it to be a success.
Shop colour design with Design Info
That’s why we offer a range of colour shade cards that encompasses every shade under the sun and beyond.  Our products include Pantone colour catalogues, RAL Color Shade Cards, and Munsell Color Charts. Our aim is to ensure that our customers get a wide array of colors and prices to choose from before they shop colour design.  Textile Designers have to consider several aspects while curating a collection and colour is one of the most predominant feature. Based on that, he needs to apply the pattern to get the ultimate symbiosis of colours and prints. Collection can be for children’s wear, menswear, women wear, accessories and all home décor fabrics. For any collection to stand out colours selected should complement the fabric and the pattern. The colour shade cards for fabrics that we provide aim to give you the best experience in a systematic manner. We aim to make your research easier by giving you options to select and introduce trending colours among the design.
Latest Colour Trends in Shades that Can Make Or Break Your Print
Colour is a huge feature of most of the collections, and often one should review multiple colour options for a single print with their team before making a final decision. I believe it’s often the thing that makes or breaks a print. Get influenced by a range of things when devising the colour combinations across a collection – from current trends, to your own favorite hues… but always aim for something unexpected. In combination with the textile design and fabric, the colours can really help take a garment to the next level! With experts carrying out the statistically formulated trend forecast of colours that will be predominantly seen in the textile industry, they also release the Pantone colour of the year which is a colour that will dominate the textile sphere. They derive on these conclusions after much research and analytical processes to give utmost accuracy. To plan a campaign without keeping current trends in mind would be a gross oversight. That’s why we like to keep abreast of the changes happening in the world of color. In today’s fast-paced world, not much stays forever and color trends are no exception. What was hot and happening yesterday may be cold and limp by tomorrow.  
Shade Cards with Best Colors Grab Attention
The shade cards are curated as a tool to assist the designer in creating designs complimented with trending colours. A shade card also enables the creator to visualise the colour combinations and provides a language to communicate with the manufacturers. A trending colour always grasps the attention of the buyers and is more likely to be appreciated by the target audience. Textile shades are always changing and it’s become the need of the hour to be aware of the latest trends. A textile designer who creates designs for the home décor has to be aware of the prints, patterns and colours that are trending within the specific textile industry. Following the colour shades for home the trends that complement the silhouettes for home décor become apparent.
Design Info has the latest colour technology shade cards

Being in the industry for years we are aware of the customers’ needs
We recognize that for a business to stay successful, it must be able to look to the future and plan accordingly. 
Staying relevant is the only way to be on top of the game in the ever-competitive textile industry.
Design Info offers solutions that help you with that. We offer colour books and guides that are compiled with upcoming trends in mind.
We do not land on these future trends on a whim. Rather, our colour forecasting involves a lot of research with surveys, reports, and data obtained from reliable sources. This data is then analysed to predict what the future trends in colour will be. It is as much an art, as it is a science and our results are comparable with the industry’s best forecasters. 

How do you decide which colour shade card to opt for?

It is well established fact that colour plays an important role in the branding of a company and it becomes its identity. Having the ideal colour shade card allows the buyers to have access to a vast variety of shades that complement the products. There are different kinds of shade cards available that are fit for different industries and different purposes. Each shade card makes use of different colour systems that can help you pick what option fits best for the specific kind of work.

How do colour Trends Influence Fashion & Home Design?

A colour helps the target audience relate to designs and creates an emotion of reminiscing the theme that the textile designer is trying to create. Design is a method of expression and communication. With intensive though process, statistics and analytical views, trends in colours help create designs that are not only up to date but are proven to be appreciated and bought by customers more frequently within the fashion and home décor industry.

How are colours forecasted for the next season?

There are several factors that influence the colour trends. With the rise of technology and social media, which has made the world well connected and in a way a smaller place, there are global factors that influence trending colours. The influence of contemporary art movements, fashion shows, global trendsetters and reaction from the audience is all taken into consideration while analysing and creating colour forecasts.

Why do designers need a colour Shade Card with names?

The colour shade cards have created a language to communicate between the designers, retailers and the manufactures. A shade is the depth of the colour and has multiple variations and give rise to immense confusion. The shade card with names gives each shade variation a distinct global identification allowing easy communication to take place without any confusion.

What are Color Shade Cards used for?

Color Shade Cards are primarily used to showcase a spectrum of colors, helping individuals and professionals select the perfect hue for their projects. They ensure precision, consistency, and serve as a source of inspiration.

How do digital shade cards differ from physical ones?

Digital shade cards are online tools that allow users to view and select colors with a click. They offer interactive features and can be integrated with design software. Physical shade cards, on the other hand, are tangible swatches that can be felt and compared directly with materials.

Why is consistency important when using shade cards?

Consistency ensures that the color selected remains the same across different batches or projects. Especially in industries like fashion or interior design, a slight variation in shade can impact the overall look and feel of a product or space.

Can I use a fabric shade card for wall paint selection?

While fabric shade cards are designed for textiles, they can provide inspiration for wall paint. However, it’s always best to use a shade card specifically designed for wall paints to ensure accuracy and the desired finish.

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