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Pantone Solid Colors Book - Coated & Uncoated

Pantone Solid Colors have a variety of colors in the form of a glossy finish with a coated layer on the top of each page of the guide and in the direct printing on high-quality paper without a coated layer called the uncoated guide or the uncoated chip book. Pantone coated guide and the pantone uncoated guide are sold as a complete set in the product called the Pantone Formula Guide. This Pantone Formula guide contains all the Pantone solid colors in the form of a fan-shaped chart which is quite handy and portable. There were 112 new solid colours introduced in this product in 2015. If the user has several purposes with the same guide or if several people wish to use the solid colors in the same factory, it is recommended to purchase the Pantone Solid Chips Book which contains all the Pantone solid colors in the chip format and is a multi-purpose book. This Solid chip book has several chips of the same color and can be torn out easily as all the chips are presented in the same row. 

Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated GP1601N Book [2019 Edition]
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Free Protection cover Case for both Pantone Formula guides. Number of Colors: 1,867 New Colors Added: 112 Older edition GP1601 had 1,755 colors Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated] Edition: Official Release - 1st December, 2017 The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series GP1601N with warranty released on 1st June, 2019 has a total of 1,867 colors, which is an addition of 112 new colors added to the old edition - GP1601. This paper product, Pantone Formula Guide has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors [Solid Colors] included in the package which is divided into 2 Guides. Official Pantone Warranty included. One Guide has all the coated colors which have an initial of 'C' starting and the other guide has all colors which have an initial of 'U'. Over all the Pantone Color Chart has all the spot colors and Pantone PMS colours. This Pantone Color Formula Guide is used for upto 3 colours printing. Pantone Color Manager software which has all the color combinations and formulas are included with the Pantone Formula Guide set book.
Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated GP1601 (Plus Series)
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A newer edition for 2017 has been released with 112 New Colors GP1601N Buy the latest Pantone Formula Guide edition which has all the colors. Old Edition: 2016 | New Edition 2017 Release Date: 01-04-2016 The Pantone Plus series formula Guide GP1601 released in 2016 for Graphics designers has been widely used in India for printing color matching. Please note : this is a paper product and has 2 guides included in it. One guide has all coated shades and other guide has all uncoated shades in it. This is the 'C/U guide' commonly referred to as GP1601. FREE PROTECTION COVER WORTH INR 499/-
Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606N [2019 Edition]
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Number of Colors: 1,867 New Colors Added: 112 Older edition : GP1606 had 1,755 colors. Edition: Official Release - 04th March, 2019. Two Books: Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated divided. All Solid Colours removable Chips are included. 6 Chips of Each Colour (6 Coated & 6 Uncoated). Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606N has 2 Hard Cover Books with individual chips measure approximately 7/8" x 1-1/8" each is the best option for multiple print unit industries. Here One chip can be removed and given to a factory at a time and the book can be kept to your-self. The advantage of removable chips over the guide which can stay with only one person at a time. All Colours are on paper which can be smoothly torn out. RGB and CMYK combinations included in the COLOR MANAGER SOFTWARE which is included with this product.
Pantone Essentials 6 Guide Pack GPG301N
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The PANTONE ESSENTIALS bundle contains our most popular traditional solid, solid-to-process and process-onlycolors. Pantone Essentials is the perfect starter set for designers, pre-press professionals and printers interested in having colors for communication and matching on press conveniently at their fingertips. Pantone Essentials Bundle includes: PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Uncoated PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Coated PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Uncoated PANTONE CMYK Coated PANTONE CMYK Uncoated
Pantone Chip Replacement Pages for PLUS SERIES
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Replace or supplement pages for all current Pantone color chip books Solid Colors. Perforated paper chips on 3-ring binder pages Keep your books up-to-date Page size: 5 5/8" x 9 1/4" 7 REMOVABLE Chips of Each Color on the page. Material: Ink on paper Seven colors per page, six chips per color Tear-out chips on replaceable three-ring Pantone binder pages Text-weight paper stock matches popular print specifications