Atelier Biagetti – The Redesigners

Atelier Biagetti - The Redesigners

Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, the duo behind Milan-based design team Atelier Biagetti, focus on creating objects and experiences that decontextualize what we tend to take for granted in societal settings. The 2015 show Body Building, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, deconstructed our social obsession with body image by re-imagining gym equipment as a luscious, […]

Dave Hakkens – THE Conscientous CREATOR

Dave Hakkens - THE Conscientous CREATOR

Dutch product designer Dave Hakkens sees his work as a way to tackle some of the biggest problems that stem from our consumerist way of life. He believes designers are responsible for envisaging a different world: one where consumers don’t have to worry about the provenance of their purchases, the ingredients in their food, or […]

Open-hardware modular concepts by Seymourpowell, London, UK

Open-hardware modular concepts by Seymourpowell London (2)

Fashion Design consultancy Seymourpowell has launched a collection of conceptual modular objects, inviting makers, creators, engineers and tinkerers to have their way with them. Using Google’s Project Ara (a now-discontinued plan to make modular smartphones with interchangeable parts) as a springboard, Seymourpowell designers expand the modular concept beyond mobile phones. The open-hardware approach leaves space for experimentation […]