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Atelier Biagetti – The Redesigners

Atelier Biagetti - The Redesigners

Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, the duo behind Milan-based design team Atelier Biagetti, focus on creating objects and experiences that decontextualize what we tend to take for granted in societal settings. The 2015 show Body Building, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, deconstructed our social obsession with body image by re-imagining gym equipment as a luscious, fur-laden lighting and furniture collection. Using shapes and structures such as dumb-bells, punchbags, and gym mats, the equipment is transformed into abstract shapes and surfaces for living and leisure, rather than fitness and work.


The studio’s subsequent project No Sex took on a similar disassociation, this time confronting the issue of overly sexualized media. Again working with Didero, the team created a ‘sort of innocent pleasure house or even a happy clinic,’ where viewers could go to escape from the abundance of sexual imagery we are confronted with each day. Capturing a doctor’s office aesthetic, the exhibition is filled with pale pink, flesh-toned leather, wood and brass objects, including chairs, lighting fixtures, and end tables. As well as these curated installations, Atelier Biagetti also creates compelling furniture lines, such as its 2014 collection Bonjour Milàn.

Shapes and structures such as dumb-bells,
Shapes and structures such as dumbbells,

The collection focuses on bringing together the old and new by combining materials and techniques that range from plastics to copper, glass and architectural artifacts found in Milanese residences. The blend of color is reminiscent of geographical cross sections, and elements such as brass and ceramic tiles create a sense of time shifting back and forth within each of the objects. Oscillating between design, art objects, interiors and site-specific installations, Atelier Biagetti unpacks these known social settings to create new ways of looking at our world through the things we fill it with.

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