What are the different kinds of patterns for womenswear textile designs?

When it comes to any type of merchandise, be it t-shirts, suits, or custom and new clotheslines, a carefully thought out pattern can add panache to the product that it initially lacked. Women’s wear graphics are an under-appreciated art. Coming up with various patterns that appeal to the female psyche and is along the lines […]

Zoom on Pockets & Collars for Denims

Zoom on Pockets & Collars for Denims

ZOOM HIM Seamed collars, bound pockets (including contrast leather and matching denim) and zipped hems are just some of the details we noted for men. Unpicked patches leave shadowy marks and contrast binding (inside) and dogeaten cuffs show that nothing is left to chance. Discrete branding comes in the form of attractive metalwork and simple […]

Grey Scale Denims – Are they Trending?

Grey Scale Denims - Are they Trending

GREYSCALE From iced polar though to dusty charcoal, we see matt shades of grey taking over from regular blue tones. Patchwork jackets highlight the full colour scale using heavy weights to produce chunky styles, and shadow-print block patterns add graphical elements. Soft layering, with tone-on-tone colours, present understated silhouettes and unpicked seams, ironed-in creases and stepped waistbands (and hems) make for […]

Industrial Luxe – Does it feel enchanting?

Industrial Luxe - Does it feel enchanting

Industrial materials are elevated to designed forms and celebrated for their inherent qualities. Stainless steel wire-framed structures in primary-coloured, powdered coatings create a sophisticated, bright utilitarian aesthetic. Furniture is constructed of juxtaposed 2D geometric shapes to create graphic layers, often with a trompe l’oeil effect on perceptions of dimension. Alternatively, structures are formed through gentle wire bending to […]