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What are the different kinds of patterns for womenswear textile designs?

When it comes to any type of merchandise, be it t-shirts, suits, or custom and new clotheslines, a carefully thought out pattern can add panache to the product that it initially lacked. Women’s wear graphics are an under-appreciated art. Coming up with various patterns that appeal to the female psyche and is along the lines of the fashion ideals is more difficult than it looks. But, we put our brains together to offer various designs based on the following:

List of Various Patterns in Women Textile Designing

Geometric Patterns: 

Be it triangles, squares or circles- geometric patterns add a modern but timeless touch to the product, making it eye catching and appealing. Also, 3D geometric patterns adorn the suits that add extra dimension and a little oomph to the clothing. Never-ending spatial arrangements of the various sided polygons present in print forecast books make the clothing classy and chic. 

Floral Patterns: 

An evergreen classic, florals represent what nature has to offer in terms of mesmerizing flowers and vines. Printed upon the clothing, they make it look earthy and colorful, inspiring a potpourri of emotions that make sure whatever the patterns adorn, will create an everlasting impression. Like bees to actual flowers, your customers will attract admirers and people who appreciate the unique women’s wear graphic designs. 

Stripe Based Patterns: 

An unforgettable classic, stripe patterns are the true example of simple but sophisticated. Various colors, spacing, thickness, and types of lines like wavy, straight, dotted to name a few, add definition and depth to your design. Not only will it drape around and compliment the wearer, but it will also speak volumes about the designer’s philosophy and will resonate with the wearer’s fashion sense. 

Retro Patterns: 

Wearing retro patterns is like a trip down memory lane while creating fabulous and edifying clothing. Getting inspired by the fashion of the generations before us, neon and retro designs will ensure that people who wear them are the center of attention at every gathering. This unique aesthetic is difficult to replicate and will leave everyone in awe. 

Abstract Design: 

Your clothing will act as a canvas upon which various abstract designs and patterns will captivate and impress people. These designs appeal to the subconscious of admirers, leaving them in a trance and amazed. The people who wear these different kinds of pattern designs sources from books will get used to getting compliments about what they are wearing, as the designs are extremely flattering and fresh.  

Polka Dots: 

Simple, round and eternal; polka dots are something that never goes out of fashion. Different ways to place the dots, different patterns and spacing… all of these converge into a nexus of beauty that is unparalleled to anything else.

Apart from the variety in our designs, our designs come in various formats, ensuring cross-platform and cross-product adaptability. Vector format ensures our designs can be printed across the following products:  

Products that Use Different Kinds of Womenswear Prints apart from Designing in Textiles.

Mugs and Plates: 

Women love to be greeted with an enchanting design as they have their morning cup of coffee or tea. It has the potential to transform a mundane and redundant Monday morning into something magical and inspiring.

Indian Women Wear: 

Printed kurtas, salwar-kameez or suits can act as a medium for these amazing patterns. The combination of various modern designs with traditional Indian attire leads to something magical. It’s something that can satisfy fashionistas with both modern and traditional tastes.

Western Women Wear: 

Be it tops, shirts, or tees-  our patterns and designs ensure there is something for everyone. They can also be printed on various dresses, one-piece, gowns, and skirts. They are perfect for a weekend outing, just the right fit for someone on top of their fashion game.

Pillows, Duvets and Bed Sheets: 

A well-made bed is the centerpiece of a room. It is where the day begins and ends. It is where games are played, and where family time is most enjoyed. A patterned bed sheet, be it polka-dotted, striped or floral can add a spark to even the most insipid and bland of rooms. Similarly, comfortable pillows and duvets to match act as the proverbial cherry on top. Women would like to snuggle in with them and enjoy a cool, sweet sleep.  

Curtains and Blinds: 

Curtains and blinds are not just the blocks the light coming in from the windows. They also act as part of the wall, a part of the furniture in the room itself. Getting those with beautiful designs is what wows the onlooker and instills a feeling of satisfaction and awe. This is especially useful when designing a feminine theme-based room, something that would appeal to girls and ladies alike.

In conclusion, using an arsenal of designs and patterns made in collaboration with some of the best fashion designers in India can prove to be extremely lucrative and satisfying. It not only saves time by doing most of the work for you but also streamlines the process of creation of an item of clothing, effectively giving you an advantage over others. A budding fashion designer can utilize the hard work of others before them, and create something truly enchanting. With this chip on your shoulder, the world is your oyster, and the future is filled with opportunity and prosperity.

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