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Why Pantone Formula Guide is the King of all Pantone Charts?

King of all Pantone Guides

When you start constructing your house, you built up several thoughts in your mind to make it unique and exclusive. With the royal investment, you plan up accordingly to make the selections dignified. Once the interior décor process is initiated you certainly start choosing the color palettes for making your walls high defined.

With different color shades round the walls of your room, the space looks overwhelming. If you have any interior planning ideas, then you would definitely choose the best selective colors if not then you would hire any professional interior designer. The utmost requirement to make your space exclusively defined is the selection of the best color palettes.

King of all Pantone Guides
King of all Pantone Guides

Select The Precise Color Combination From The Pantone Color Guide!

For choosing the colors, you would certainly find out the paint shops where you would find several standardized color pamphlet. With the specifications of the varying color range, you can choose the best selective ones that would be defined as the best for your space. Have you ever accessed with the Pantone Formula Guide?

Pantone is the standardized system for color matching that is done utilizing the numbering system in order to identify the colors. There are indeed different wall paint manufacturers, but preferably all are using the standardize panettone numbered color code that makes sure the colors would match without any direct contact with any other color.

Find An Excessive Number Of Color And Select As Per Your Choice!

The commonly referred colors are with the Pantone solid palettes which consist of 1,114 colors. These are identified by 3 or 4 digit numbers which is followed by C, U or M suffix. These codes are originally designed for graphics industry. The colors are indeed very tricky. It may not be same on the wall as in the can which would be frustrating for you. With this fact, you must know that the colors you identify depend on the medium on which they are on along with the environment.

The first Pantone consisted of large number of cardboard sheets that were printed on one side with the series of related color swatches. The main goal of this was to allow the designers to match the specific colors while a design is entered into the products. This got widely adopted by the graphic designers and the printing houses. With the current status, these are used for specifying colors in wide range of industries.

Find The Authorized Pantone Dealer For Identifying The Best Color References!

Pantone color India knows the need of color managed systems in the arts and graphics industry as well as the home decors. Before selecting a nearby store to pick up your paint you can locate a Pantone authorized dealer. You would find the Pantone coated guide which contains 1,855 colors with seven-color stimulations, for coated and uncoated each.

Some of the Specifications of the Best Pantone Formula Guide – King of all the guides.

  • Number of guides: 2 (Pantone Coated-C & Pantone Uncoated-U)

  • Total number of colors: 1,867

  • Number of Colorsin each page: 7

  • Size of Each Page: 1 5/8″ x 9 1/4″ = 4.12cm x 23.5cm

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