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Summer is a season filled not only with sun, sand and water but also sweat and smell. It is sometimes so hot and humid that we don’t even care about fashion or any trends, we just want to wear something comfortable. But, this summer you can be comfortable as well as stylish.

Style does not always require a different piece of clothing or accessories. Colour trends in fashion have been undermined and you can use it to your advantage. By wearing the right colour or combination of colours, you can pull any look right away. Here is a list of the top ten colours that you should wear this summer:

1.  Pantone Dusk blue 

This particular Dusk blue pantone colour is the newest addition to the pastel family. It is a colour that is not too dark nor too light. Just perfect to make your outfit look breezy. The thing about blue is that this colour in fashion has always been designated to denim. But you can be the trendsetter and wear an all-blue outfit or play with prints and patterns. Blue is also a very beachy and summery colour as it resembles the ocean. Play with the colour and you might come up with an amazing trend yourself.

2.  Pantone Burnt Orange 

It is a shade that looks like a mixture of brown and orange. This colour is perfect and will match the vibes of summer. You can pair it up with a lighter or a darker colour because bold colours can be contrasted with almost any shade. You can just have fun around picking the right colours to go with Burnt orange and you are good to go. Unless it’s a dress, don’t go around with an all-orange outfit. Bold colours look good when they are contrasted properly.

3.  Pantone Blush pink 

The colour is the softest and most subtle shade of pink. You can never go wrong with this colour. The colour is so pretty that anyone can pull it off. This colour can also be worn by boys. Blush pink was the new colour trend for males last summer. Blush pink suits all kinds of body type and body colour. Again, do not wear a single coloured outfit unless you are very confident. You might end up looking like candy floss. Patterned looks are something that you should dig for. Blush pink accentuates the prints and patterns.

4.  Pantone Bright red 

This colour never goes out of fashion. You want to look sexy or have a huge event to attend, just pick up bright red and you’ll look gorgeous. The colour is so intense and bold that you will grab everyone’s attention. Bright red is not only popular for clothing items but is also a makeup essential. A tint of bright red lipstick and heels can make any outfit go from boring to fashionable. Here, try pairing your clothes with either very dark colour or very light colours. Black and white are the two colours that make the colour pop even more.

5.  Pantone Lemon yellow 

Not everyone can pull this colour off but for people who can look outstanding. It is such a bubbly and cheerful colour that wearing this colour puts you in a better mood. And there is no colour which resembles summer as much as yellow. Wear a cute dress or pair it up with a pair of denim jeans. Most people don’t prefer the combination of yellow and black but if you are confident enough, you can go for these colours. White also goes pretty well with this colour. A cute yellow flowy dress could be an ideal fashion trend for beaches this summer.

6.  Pantone Mint green 

Another very popular colour from the pastel family. Before the invent of this colour in the fashion industry, green was not much used in any clothing item or accessories. But the shade of this colour is so sophisticated yet subtle, that it gave rise to a new trend altogether. You can wear an all mint suit or a summer dress. You can go crazy with the number of combinations that you can make with this colour.

7.  Pantone Grey 

This colour is very unpopular and is underestimated when it comes to fashion. Blazers and suits are what is always appointed to this colour. This summer, change the trend. Pair a good grey flowy dress with a similar coloured heel and you will be summer-ready. The colour looks so sophisticated on anyone who wears it. It goes well with neutral colours as well lighter and darker colours. The contrasting mix-ups are endless.

8.  Pantone Lavender 

Pastel colours are the most apt summer colours. They are light and subtle in shade, so don’t feel too hot. They are in trend and their shades look amazing. Violet is a very dark colour but its pastel shade lavender is very pretty and simple. This colour looks good when combined with a darker shade. If you want to wear dresses, this colour looks like a dream. It is very breezy and reminds you summer as well as spring.

9.  Pantone White 

White is one of the most worn colours during summer due to its capability of reflecting light. It keeps your body a little cooler and makes you feel comfortable. If you want to wear an all-white outfit, wear suits, dresses or Indian dresses. Other than that, white goes with any and every colour. You will not have trouble contrasting it with anything. The colour is an all-rounder.

10.  Pantone Tan brown 

Tan brown is a beautiful shade of brown that suits all skin colours and body types. It is subtle yet so complicated. This colour is mostly picked up for one coloured suits or overalls. You can wear an all-brown outfit if you are wearing this shade. Footwear and makeup are also very popular in this shade. Tan brown mostly caters to the neutral makeup look. You can also pair this colour with different shades and make it look more sophisticated.

Summer is all about having fun. Fun should not only be restricted to travel and summer activities. This summer try having fun with fashion and colours!

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