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Smart Color Therapy Tips for a Home Interiors with Shade Cards


The colours that we choose to paint our homes in and incorporate in decoratives not only reflect your personality but also, affects us every day at a deep mental level. The colours used in different rooms can influence our moods, a lot. “Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated” contains a lot of shades to choose from to fulfill your requirement of creating a happy home.

Entrance and Living room

They rightly say that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression of your home is made right when guests enter your home and well, it is also the first vibe that strikes you when you enter your home each day after a long day at work. So, you must incorporate some happy colours and positive energy elements at the very entrance of your home.Here are a couple of changes that you could incorporate:

  • Keep a couple of indoor plants along the entrance you let nature be a part of your home.They say, the Green colour is the master healer of nature.
  • You could include colours inspired by nature such as Green which Signifies plants or floral colours like Red, Pink, Marigold and Lavender which are available in a beautiful shade selection on Design info.
  • There is no need to go overboard with any particular colour. Instead, use splashes of colours in form of table runners, cushions, fresh flowers.
  • Highlight a single wall with vivid colours and textures. Check out this Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated colour guide” has a collection of beautiful vivid and Pastel colours.
  • White is a superb colour that reflects light beautifully. This shade imparts your house a cheery, energetic and buoyant feeling. Also, White is, in fact, a prism of all the colours.


The bedroom is the colour for rest and intimacy. We suggest, do not use any colour that is stimulating to brain.

  • Avoid colours like Orange, Neons and Yellow as these subconsciously awaken your brain.
  • The best colours for a couple’s bedroom walls are Pink, Peach and Lilac. All these colours are happy shades and encourage bonding and love.
  • Either paint all the four walls with these or combine one highlighted wall rest of the White walls.The highlighting thing is particularly important for Pink otherwise, it can make the room look sickeningly sweet. Check out the pretty Peony Pink, Rose Pink and Coral shade om Design Info official website.
  • Fresh blooms in the bedroom are considered great for fertility.
  • Do introduce a little Red in form of curtains, cushions or decorative items to ignite passion.
  • For a kid’s bedroom, Blue is considered the best since it creates feelings of calm and soothes an overactive child.


The kitchen should have some elements of the colours mentioned below:

  • Yellow in form of cabinet Laminates. This is believed to be energising plus uplifting.
  • Also, the use of colour Red can help to improve people’s appetite.
  • Using softer shades of Green such as Olive, Mint and Apple Green is also considered good as it indicates nature and is the healer of nature.


The bathroom must be designed in a way that it makes you feel more positive after taking a bath.

  • Use warm colours like Beige, Coffee and Soft Browns to add a soothing and calm vibe to your bathroom.These colours help to keep you grounded. So that you can feel relaxed and revitalised during your bath.
  • Aqua Blue also helps to promote feelings of calm and therefore, helps you unwind.
  • You can use different LED lights to calm an overactive mind or some colourful tiles to bring in a dose of colour.

Study Room

The Study room should be well-lit and must have more of Yellow and Orange to improve concentration and focus.The wall facing you while studying can be painted in one of these colours. However, use softer versions of these colours from “Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated Color guide” and not the loud, in your face shades. The study room should not feel stuffy and shabby. So, if you have a small apartment then try to incorporate a lot of White in your study room furniture, walls and lights to encourage feelings of growth and progress. So, try to use the suggested colours in your home’s walls and decorations to make your space look cheerful and delightful. For a huge spectrum of colours to find a shade that matches your liking check out the official website of Design Info.

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