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Relaxed silhouettes – Casual Concepts

Relaxed silhouettes - Casual Concepts

S/S 2020 is a season of reflection and escapism. The overriding thread that runs through our concepts is that of authenticity, whether looking at original 1990s inspired sportswear in true-toera sports fabrics or the honest, crafted quality of hand-loomed textiles and hand finishing. As a whole, the season sees further shifts towards individualism and nostalgic styling as societies retreat to reflect on recent events. The result is a very human eclecticism that is further inspired by outsider art such as California’s Salvation Mountain and Philadelphia’s Magic Garden.

Relaxed silhouettes
Relaxed silhouettes

Relaxed silhouettes largely lean towards genderless dressing, with many items defying genders altogether. New utility looks ensure functionality as a focal point, albeit with that honest hand-finished aesthetic that we see across the season’s themes. The palettes are largely based around organic earthen tones and new neutrals with a particular focus on parchment whites, tobacco browns and greens that range from citrus to faded pastel sage. New pastel palettes of washed yellows and grungy pinks are supported by strong and authentic, mid-denim blues.

Our Casual Concepts highlight a season of reflection and escapism with an overriding thread of authenticity. As societies retreat to reflect on recent events, we shift further towards individualism and nostalgic styling. The result is a very human eclecticism, where relaxed silhouettes lean towards genderless dressing, functionality is a focal point and colour is balanced and mixed in new ways that sit in harmony with this mind-set.

Giulia Shah
Giulia Shah

Nothing shouts out, but, at the same time, it all feels new. Our Casual Forecast is based on virtual worlds. We try to find utopia within dystopia, by looking at the world with new eyes and striving to create a better future and keep a positive outlook. So, we have named our stories with the prefix ‘Re-’ (meaning ‘back’ or ‘again’) as a sense of rejection of the old, or the wrongs of the past, to push for regeneration.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore

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