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Pantone ‘GREENERY’ Color of the Year with Tech

Pantone Greenery color of the year 2017 Report

My obsession with colors and its various hues dictates the way I visualize things. The world of colors not only enables me to create the most vivid imagination but also gives me wings to escape from the dry realities of life. Colors define your aesthetic sense. The ability to merge various hues to create a superior shade is what painters do to make a living for something which is priceless. Art is the crucial element of a prosperous civilization hence in order to represent your existing culture and the societal progress; we choose shades that will live forever.  Minimalism is surely the next big trend in architecture, sci-fi movies, art, and fashion. The futuristic concept is trending in most of the urban cityscapes where apartments are designed with soothing colors and minimalistic hues to accentuate the most important things of your house.


Was declared as the color of the year because urban living is becoming more technical and less connected to nature. With the advancement of technology, the world is pushing itself to the dungeon of hopelessness. The machines are slowly creating a passage to overpower the humans while the ever rising skyscrapers are replacing the jungles. In order to defend the onslaught of black and white artificial intelligence, Pantone decided to bring ‘Greenery’ to the forefront to add a flavor of liveliness to the arrogant cityscapes, fashion, and lifestyle of the urban population. With the addition of green, the influence of the post-apocalyptic shade disappears while it adds hope amid the fear of the ever growing climate change. Colors also change your mood, with the addition of vibrant shades like turquoise, yellow and blue, you can achieve that much-needed inspiration.

Colors also set the right tone for a movie.

Most of the filmmakers try to set a specific tone for its franchise. The DC Extended Universe is known for its dark theme while Marvelusually plays with colors. It’s always a pleasure to watch a thriller which is full of green locales and rain scenes. For me, it creates a setting for the plot to show the unexpected amid so much of liveliness. Lately, I was fascinated to get a glimpse of the latest flick ‘Loving Vincent’ which is purely based on paintings. I could see the presence of green throughout the whole trailer that proves the influence of ‘Greenery’ as the perfect color of the season.

At the New York Fashion Week, all the major designers like Gucci, Cynthia Rowley, Bagelencia, Kenzo, Michael Kors and Zac Posen added Green hue to create a sharp contrast with the booming technological revolution. Green is needed to accentuate the desperation of humankind to stop the threatening climate change, which is of course not a hoax. Colors are not only restricted to Fashion, Movies and Interior Designing. The usage of hues is the lifeline of all the major corporations to establish a superior visual appeal to its prospective customers.

Most of the design agencies make serious blunders by using the wrong kind of shades because they don’t have the right kind of Design Info. Colors define the nature of an organization hence using the right shades is one of the most important parts of corporate branding. From logos to brochures, from using the right theme for company’s website to creating the most stunning print ad, colors do play a great role in making your organization visually superior to its competitors. The knowledge of color is the backbone of a corporate communication and advertising professional hence you can’t ignore to gather all the required Design Info about the trending shades in order to create cutting-edge brand recognition.

In order to make an impact with visuals, you need to have the right kind of product for your help and Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated is surely the perfect resource that can help you in creating the most loved design work for your upcoming creative project. The guide has the best-selling Pantone color chart which can easily provide enough inspiration to a designer or a color consultant. The guide is considered to be the most important resource for graphic designers and interior decorators. With a wide range of 1867 colors, the readers of this guide can create a stunning work of art.

Contemporary designs reflect the taste of the civilization, which is most likely to merge hues and tech together to achieve the much needed creative satisfaction. Art is as indispensable as technology hence we need to have the right partners to design and communicate. Textile Design Studio is bridging this gap by offering the most valuable Design Info to everyone involved in the business of colors. The collaboration of Art and Tech will not only define the society we are living in but also the future which will eventually take up minimalism to create a Utopia for the mankind.

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