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Pantone Colour Accuracy in Packaging Paper Industry Designers

Billions of dollars are spent on packaging by top brands. Colour plays an integral role in identifying the personality of a particular brand. Studies show that consumers relate primarily to the colour and then the packaging of the brand. Consumers wish to see the same colour on their favourite brands as it creates a sense of familiarity. Hence, in today’s market, colour consistency continues to be the most critical concern faced by the packaging industry. 

Which Pantone Color Books to use for the Packaging of Goods?

Packaging paper plays pivotal role when it comes to marketing communication. The colour chosen by the brand can make or break a sale. Research shows that 70% of the consumer’s purchase in store is directly related to packaging, of which 62 percent is based on colour alone. Pantone Colours and books have a profound impact on the thoughts, emotions and actions of the consumers enabling marketers to stress on colour and utilize colour as visual aide-memoire to lock in a consumer’s attention thus enabling a sale. 

Best Pantone Books for Packaging Designer

Packaging and color rank number one when it comes to brand identification. Packaging designers must use the latest packing specialized Pantone books with the specifications for usage provided. However, lack of consistency in color projected by a brand is the primary factor which hampers the brand identity because of delay in updating to new Pantone books used by designers in the packing industry. Consumers sense a loss of connect with the brand when there is discrepancy in the colour. Achieving uniformity in packing colour can be a constant struggle.

What happens when brands fail due to colour inconsistency in packaging of different products ? 

Affects customer loyalty

Imagine, you are at a store and you reach out for your favourite bottle of soda. Suddenly you realise that the bottle isn’t wrapped in the usual red colour that you love. The red is slightly off. Immediately you start to wonder if this is a counterfeit product. The customer loses their trust in the brand. And the sole reason for this – colour inaccuracy, which created a confusion leading to believe that the genuine product is a fake. 

Hampers smooth production

Most often, the production of the packaging paper is outsourced to different suppliers. Discrepancy in the colour leads by the suppliers to delays in the production line. Inconsistency in colour leads to the item being discarded. The packaging paper would then need to be recreated as per the said standards, costing valuable time and money. 

Failure to cater to large volume of production

Usually, for large volumes of printing, brands use multiple suppliers. But even after specifying the exact ink colour, material, and the process of printing, often the end product would vary in colour to a slight degree. The end result would be, a brand marketing its product with deviation in colour in different markets. This would greatly impact the consumer behaviour. 

Colour miscommunication

Most often, there is a deviation in the colour cards with respect to the actual print colour which results in colour inaccuracy. The newly printed and updated colour card would display glossy images of the vibrant new colours marketed by the supplier/printer. Unfortunately, the actual production of the same colour, by a 15 year old printer would be far from what is expected. 

Wide range of products

Companies face a huge challenge maintaining consistency in colour given the different types of product and the different textures of raw materials available which is used for packaging. With the rapid advancement in technology, printing agencies face a huge challenge with regards to maintaining uniform colour printing on a wide range of substrates. Each substrate requires a different type of ink and printing technique. It is a complex process which requires the printing agencies to be extremely adaptive to the changes in technologies and on top of their game with regards to planning and execution.  

How do we, at Design info, do things differently of Pantone Colors in the Packing and Packaging Field? 

Automated systems in Pantone ensuring zero errors

We at design info, use state of the art automated solutions for printing. Our high end printing technology incorporated in pantone books for graphics assures uniformity in printing every time and each time. Bulk orders, repeated printing, our automated printing technology ensure that that the colour uniformity is maintained at all cost. 

Highest quality maintained with only Pantone Colors to be used in matching colors while printing paper for packing.

Environmental changes affect the print quality on a day to day basis. We at design info ensure consistent printing with the new ‘Xenith 5000’ printer technology, with ‘nano coating’ allowing us deliver end products of the highest standards.  Printer calibration devices allow further accuracy in the quality of paper printed.

Zero colour mismatch 

At design info, we use the latest software to maintain brand colour consistency. Our color calibration and monitoring tools ensures that the exact colour as specified by the client is maintained throughout the print process using the colour recalibration technology. Any deviation in the specified colour is correctly identified by the software during the printing process. The software then recalibrates to the specified colour, and continues with the printing ensuring colour match in every print.

Plethora of colours for packaging specialists.

Getting the right colour specific to your brand can be quite a daunting challenge. We at design info offer you a variety of colour choices to meet every packaging requirement. Whether it is pantone solid colours or fluorescents, convention print or special colours, every colour requirement is catered to. 

Digital Pantone Order creation

To ensure zero errors in repeated print production, all of the orders created at Design info are maintained digitally. This ensures that there is no discrepancy in the order, resulting in seamless printing. We give you exactly what you ordered, each time!

Client communication 

Understanding what client requirement is one of the most important aspects of our business. We ensure that what the brand requirement is catered to first. We try to understand what the brand is looking for up front and tailor the process to achieve the desired end result. 

Pantone Industry leaders in packing and printing

Design info is a leading player in the packaging paper industry since 1945. We are the only printers in the industry using high end printers and complex colour production software i.e. zenith printers and colourmatch 5000 to ensure superior print quality. This high end production has enabled design info, to achieve and maintain the number 1 position in the market delivering progressive packaging paper of the highest standards. 

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