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Outdoor Style - Travel Look Vol. 3 Arkivia Book
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The TRAVEL concept is the most universal idea of OUTDOOR. It can be combined with adventure, history and culture. It always manages to be different and can be proposed with different styles, from the classic to the modern doodle. It is now the most coveted and represents an absolute value for any generation. A life without the journey, without knowing and seeing our world is no longer conceivable and the journey represents an idea of freedom for everyone. This is why fashion appropriates and globalizes the many different visions of each country. From local, country, provincial to the universal as a world heritage site.
Outdoor Style - Country Style Vol. 1 Arkivia Books
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Never a look was so well suited to its target, in this case the male, as that of "Outdoor" in its various facets, from Navy to Country Look, from Travel to Sport. In the case of "Country Look" with the elegant variant made of Clubs and Riding or with the rustic variant made of Hunting, Fishing Contests and Walks in the Woods you can create an atmosphere of chic and comfortable fashion with noble materials and natural colours. Thus the male marks his territory and shows his best qualities of strength and confidence, naturalness and tradition. An idea developed in the 80s it is now back in fashion to give certainty, solidity, classical values in which he takes refuge, not seeing a secure future and wanting to take inspiration from a prosperous past. A new idea of classic that as then we can call "Classic Nouveau".
Outdoor Style Vol 02 Navy Prints & Patterns Arkivia Book
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Outdoor Style Vol 02 Navy Prints & Patterns Never a look was so well suited to its target, in this case the male, as that of „Outdoor“ in its various facets, from Navy to Country Look, from Travel to Sport. When nostalgia is tinged with BLUE and you feel the need of its psychological certainties the Navy returns. An ever-living look, made of classic atmospheres but also sportsmanship. The variations are countless moving from the world of navigation, see the idea of the sailor and the sea voyage, to the Yacht Clubs with their symbols and their flags. Besides fishing, swimming, from the underwater world to nature and ecology with fish, shells, algae or distant beaches. Timeless symbols, so easy to wear and live in.
Style Right Menswear Trendbook incl. DVD A/W & S/S
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On more than 100 full-colour pages, Style Right Menswear Trend Book has everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable casual and sportive men's collections:  Buy the latest Style Right Books for Mens Logos & Graphics Designiing in India. Ask for discounts Colours (presented as original Pantone® colour chips) in the Style Right Trendbook for Menswear, age group-specific garments (shirts, T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, trousers, jackets, accessories and shoes) as well as plenty of designs for print motifs, embroidery and applications.The garment designs are provided as fashion illustrations with brief descriptions as well as professionally adapted vector line drawings in the latest A/W & S/S Trend Book for menswear.
Style Right Sports Active Wear Trend Book incl. DVD S/S & A/W
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The Style Right team proudly present their 10th edition of the increasingly popular Style Right Sports Active for Spring Summer. For this season we have researched extensively, collating a broad selection of inspiration from a wide range of Summer sports. We have considered the utilization of indoor and outdoor environments during this season, extracting their attributing lifestyles and values relevant to all sports enthusiasts and serious athletes. Sports & Active wear trend and concept book is dedicated to designers and product developers working in the field of fashion, sports equipment and sports devices as well as product graphics and packaging.
The Third Eye Trendbook incl. DVD
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Third Eye trend book provides a comprehensive survey of sports and streetwear trends two years ahead of the season introducing 3 inspiring themes with all in all 300 garment styles as well as 300 print proposals. 3 colour stories, Third Eye Trendbook has plenty of fabric suggestions and ideas for trims and labels.