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Manfrotto 190 & Manfrotto 190go! M-Series Tripods with Ball Head Collection

Manfrotto 190 Series Tripods and Monopods: An In-Depth Analysis

The world of photography is vast, and the tools that assist photographers in capturing the perfect shot are equally diverse. Among these tools, tripods and monopods play a pivotal role in ensuring stability and precision. Manfrotto, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the photography equipment industry, has been at the forefront of producing some of the best tripods and monopods. One of their standout series in this category is the Manfrotto 190 series. Let’s delve into the features, specifications, and unique offerings of this series.


The Manfrotto 190 series is designed for serious photographers who are in search of a stable and flexible platform for their cameras. This series is a significant upgrade from the entry-level tripods, offering a balance between price and performance. It has become one of Manfrotto’s best-selling ranges, and for a good reason.

Key Features

  1. Material and Build: The 190 series tripods are available in two primary materials: aluminium and carbon fiber. While the aluminium models are sturdy and can handle windy conditions better due to their weight, the carbon fiber models are lighter, more rigid, and can dissipate vibrations faster.
  2. 90-Degree Column Mechanism: One of the standout features of the 190 series is the innovative 90-degree column mechanism. This allows the centre column to be lifted out of the top casting and angled down by 90 degrees in a single movement. This feature is especially useful for capturing shots at very low positions or pointing straight down.
  3. Quick Power Lock Levers: The MT190 series introduces the Quick Power Lock levers, which are designed to hold the leg sections in place securely. These redesigned levers provide more leverage, making it easier to open all leg locks with one hand.
  4. Easy Link Thread: This feature on the main body of the tripod allows photographers to mount accessories like video lights, enhancing the versatility of the tripod.
  5. Leg-Angle Selectors: The redesigned leg angle selectors are quicker and safer to use, offering more stability in various terrains.
  6. Load Capacity: The 190 series can handle loads of up to 7kg, making it suitable for most cameras and lenses.
  7. Height and Portability: The tripods in this series offer a maximum height of 160cm with the centre column extended. With the centre column retracted, they stand at 135cm. Despite their robust build, they are designed for portability, making them ideal for photographers on the move.

Design and Usability

The Manfrotto 190 series is not just about specifications; it’s about the user experience. The tripods are constructed of woven carbon fiber and magnesium, ensuring durability. The 90-degree center column is easy to operate, allowing photographers to switch between vertical and horizontal orientations swiftly. The Quick Power Lock system is another testament to Manfrotto’s focus on usability. The locks are ergonomically designed, making them easier to operate compared to previous models.


The Manfrotto 190 series tripods and monopods are a testament to Manfrotto’s commitment to quality, innovation, and user experience. They offer a blend of stability, flexibility, and portability, catering to both professional photographers and enthusiasts. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or in the great outdoors, the 190 series promises to be a reliable companion, ensuring that you capture the perfect shot every time.

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