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GoPro Hero 12 Black vs GoPro Hero 11 Black: A Comprehensive Comparison

The GoPro Hero series has been a staple in the action camera market for years, offering users high-quality video capture in a compact and durable package. With the recent announcement of the GoPro Hero 12 Black, many are curious about how it stacks up against its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black. In this article, we’ll delve into the key differences between these two models, highlighting the advancements and improvements made in the latest iteration.

Similarities Before diving into the differences, it’s worth noting that the GoPro Hero 12 Black shares a significant number of similarities with the Hero 11 Black. Both action cameras feature:

  • Similar designs
  • The same 1/1.9-inch CMOS image sensor
  • Matching image and video resolutions
  • Identical waterproof ratings
  • The same size batteries


1. Aspect Ratio Capabilities While both the GoPro Hero 12 Black and the Hero 11 Black can capture stills and up to 5.3K resolution video with an 8:7 aspect ratio, the Hero 12 Black supports this aspect ratio across all video resolutions. Additionally, it offers more modes, including TimeWarp, Time Lapse, Night Lapse, and all Night Effects modes.

2. HDR Video Support A significant upgrade in the Hero 12 Black is the addition of HDR support for video. This feature allows the action camera to retain more detail in both brighter and darker areas. This is a notable advancement over the Hero 11 Black.

3. Improved Power Management The Hero 12 Black boasts an enhanced power management system, enabling videographers to record 5.3K video for up to 70 minutes continuously with HyperSmooth video stabilization activated.

4. Advanced Stabilization Speaking of stabilization, the Hero 12 Black introduces HyperSmooth 6.0, the latest generation of GoPro’s stabilization software. This version includes next-generation AutoBoost, which automatically enhances video stabilization as needed while maintaining minimal cropping. Additionally, it offers horizon-leveling even in full 360-degree rotation with the Linear + Horizon Lock digital lens.

5. Wireless Audio Support The Hero 12 Black supports wireless audio via Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and microphones. This feature facilitates vlogging, narration, and the use of voice commands from a distance. In contrast, the Hero 11 Black required external mics to be connected using the camera’s 3.5mm mic input.

6. Compatibility with Camera Mounts and Accessories The Hero 12 Black now includes 1/4-20 mounting threads, making it compatible with standard camera mounts and accessories. This includes the new 48-inch-long Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote.

Conclusion While the GoPro Hero 11 Black remains a formidable action camera, the Hero 12 Black brings several enhancements and new features to the table. From improved video quality with HDR support to advanced stabilization and wireless audio capabilities, the Hero 12 Black is a testament to GoPro’s commitment to innovation and user experience. Whether you’re a professional videographer or an adventure enthusiast, the GoPro Hero 12 Black offers a range of features to elevate your video capturing experience.

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