Which to choose – NCS Colourpin II or NCS Colourpin PRO?


Professionals and DIYers rely on NCS Colourpin’s ability to simplify the color identification process, streamlining and adding confidence to projects, which saves precious time and money in batch production in any industry.


In Detail

Colourpin II match visual colour to reference library while Colourpin PRO match the actual colour to reference library. This means, for example, if you have two samples with the same colour but in different gloss, then you will match the same colour in the database when you scan with Colourpin PRO. But with Colourpin II you might have different colours in the database because the optical measurement geometry is different between the devices and the Colourpin II see the gloss feature of the colour (which it is, visually).

Colourpin II have 1000 scans battery while Colourpin PRO have 300 scans battery (the more exact measurement requires more power)

With NCS Colourpin II you need to calibrate at each scanning session while the NCS Colourpin PRO has a calibration memory and you only need to calibrate about every 1000 scans on the tile. An advantage if you use it often.

Colourpin II price is lower than Colourpin PRO.

Both the NCS+ app and the Colourpin app support the Colourpin devices. The NCS+ app includes in addition to the colour matching function, design features and inspirational colour collections to browse from, while the Colourpin app primarily supports colour matching. Both apps give you details of each NCS Colour, incl. translation to CMYK, RGB, Lab etc. The Colourpin app supports translation from NCS to RAL.

Both the devices have “Tri Stimulus XYZ Sensor”.

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