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Crossing the Boundary by Adiff, New York, US (Durable Outerwear)

Crossing the Boundary by Adiff, New York, US (Durable Outerwear)

Functional fashion weaves in a humanitarian angle in a cleverly conceived collection of durable outerwear by Angela Luna, a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. With her clothing label Adiff, an offshoot of her senior-year project, Luna has designed a range of unisex, one-size-fits-all convertible garments targeted at refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Functional Clothing

Each piece of highly functional clothing can transform to serve multiple purposes: a reflective jacket has a removable child-carrying harness; a cloak expands to become a sleeping bag, and a draped jacket and accompanying bag unfold to reveal a family-sized six-man tent. Luna is now working with aid organizations to understand global refugees’ specific needs and to further develop the collection, with an eye to eventual production and distribution. Stylish yet practical, her creations would also be suitable for outdoorsy consumers and Luna is considering a buy-one-give-one retail model so that customers can support philanthropic efforts. Going beyond the basics of corporate social responsibility, Adiff marks the meeting point of responsive design and social entrepreneurship.

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