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Colour of Love is it really red?

Let’s explore the world of the true colours of love this season 

It was Valentine’s Day and my friend who has a girlfriend was fussing so much over what to buy her.

Everything he was choosing was all red. Red roses, red bag, red clothes and at one point he even chose red lingerie! I had one word for him cliche and tacky (wait that’s two words! But I needed two words to describe his situation). Finally after struggling with all his options he came to me and asked me to pick the best option to thrill her. 

When I went to an online site and showed him a pair of powder pink shoes that I thought would be best… he froze! It took him a few seconds to compose himself after which he said… what!!! What is this colour? Why would I give this to the person I love and that too on Valentine’s Day? Isn’t the colour of love red! And I said it’s time to grab a coffee and educate this person.
First of all, what is love? Now that’s a different topic of discussion by itself. But why do so many people want to buy red on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s leave the story of Aphrodite, the goddess of love who was turned into Venus by Romans.. out of this. Red is commercially easy to be eye catchy and many have played on the connection of red with love. 

But what could be the true colour of love? 

Well… drum roll… the true colour of love for your love is (are) the colour(s) of the season. 

True love is all about understanding your love and making an effort to do something that matters to the one you love. And what could matter to a girl more than to be dressed in the colours of the season. So since Valentine’s Day is in February, hence we have to look at the colours of spring summer 2019. 

So based on our analysis the colours of love for this season are : Fiesta, jester red, turmeric, living coral, pink peacock, mango mojito, princess blue, sweet lilac and a few…

I am not sure what he made of this information but all I wanted my friend to know as I sipped my last sip of coffee was it’s easy to get caught up in the race and believe one size fits all. It’s easy to assume each girl will love red on Valentine’s Day but true love is in knowing that the colour soybean conveys as much if not more love this spring summer because it matters to your girl!

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