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Color Specification Pantone Tools / Books

New trends in color Inspiration:-

Color plays a very significant role in the world where we are living. Colors may please you, irritates you, change your thinking and very importantly describes you. Every color denotes a meaning like white is the color of calmness and peace. Red is the color of happiness. Green is the color of nature and so on. When it comes to business be it textiles, home furnishings, home interiors, fashion designing, designing businesses, etc color plays a vital role. When asked to approximately more than 60% of the people, the response is color plays more than 50% of all the other parameter that is taken into consideration when we need to design something.

Specifying the right color in Fashion, Home-Interiors and Textiles:

Color plays the most vital role when it comes to the fashion industry. It is the building block of their selection process. One of the most popular colors of 2020 will be ozone as it gives an atmospheric blue shade.

Color inspiration is full of amazing and trending colors from popular websites. Since we are living in a technological world where everything is available online, nobody sticks to the traditional manuals. Now there is software who import color palette into your design software. There are pantone CDS and softwarres available which helps you in exploring new colors that are in trend. Thes CDS contains everything that you may need to figure out the best color for your project.

Colour matters a lot to everyone but differently. While selecting the best color from the spectrum of pantone metallic shade colors, cultural influences, values, theories, ones own instincts matters a lot. There is no thumb rule for selecting a color. To create fabulous and stunning color palettes we have asked our experts in design info about the trends in color inspiration. Few of them are as under:

Capture the visuality

Talking in terms of color inspiration, we always capture those things that attract us or inspire us. So whenever anything is attracting you be it color of birds, flower, etc, click a snap of it. Transfer these into photoshops or illustrator. To create your color palette, sample colors out of the images you have taken. Photocopy helps you in creating this. Upload this color image, work on the different hues that make it up and make your color palette.

Colors of Nature, True Pastels

Nature beauty is the most refreshing and admiring. If you get inspire by nature, the shades are endless. It is also a reasonable trend in color inspiration.

Colors Categorized Usage Basis

Focus on the topic that you want to design gives you the accurate inspiration to pick colors. Is it related to sports, fashion, business, home, etc?

Trends in Pantone Color Usage

We have discussed the importance of color earlier also. It defines  hierarchy, establish and maintains brand presence. How color behaves when it gets to mix with other colors is of utmost importance. To understand the relativity of the color, just observe the effects of the color on the other color. This gives you a better idea of color usage. For example, red appears brilliant and vigilant against a white or black background. Similarly yellow will give you a faded effect against the white background.

How color usage of Pantone can influence people?

Every color has a positive and negative influence on people. For example, Red is used to alert people like Ambulance, Stock clearance sale, appetite as used by fast-food chains. Blue symbolizes water, peace, and reliability. Green is the color of the environment, health, and harmony.

Fresh trends in color forecast and prediction

The color forecast is the prediction of colors that are going to be liked or used. It may be for various business segments like home interiors, textile, fashion, etc. Some of the most popular color trends of 2020 are as under:

Home Interiors Color Trends Pantone Book

 If we talk about home interiors color trends 2020 will be of natural shades that provide calmness. Yellow is the color forecast for 2020 as it resembles the sun. It brings warmth to your house. Another color of 2020 is mint I,e the combination of blue-green and yellow. The combination will bring relaxed and positive vibes in the house. Brown or hazelnut color is also one of the best color trends of 2020 as it gives an ideal background.

Summarizing the Color Inspiration tools of Pantone

We have discussed the trends in color inspiration, pantone color usage and color forecast. Design info offers you the best solution as it is having a team of experts who not only understand the language of colors but also know the importance of it. Design info not only forecast the trends in color based on limited markets reviews but also covers a wide network like seasonal clothing, footwear, sports. Their color trends forecast predicts the color well in advance. This helps the consumers to plan, execute, advertise and launch your products well in advance and give their competitors a cut-throat competition. Design info provides you the guides and color book that has the updated information of the upcoming color trend. We at Design Info conduct a lot of research and analysis from various surveys and data. Design info provides a wide range of shade cards that consider every shade. Our products include Pantone color shades as the most premium shade cards. We aim to offer our customers a wide range of colors and prices so they have the best options to select from. Selecting the colors from a wide range of colors is not an easy task. Many things need consideration like change in the preferences, change in season and gender and age preferences. Design info serves this purpose well by offering templates that care of all the trending styles and patterns. In this competitive era where what is new today becomes outdated tomorrow is a great challenge. We take pride in accepting challenges and come up with the best solutions possible. We believed in staying ahead of the competition and brings positive results to your business. We want our consumers to be satisfied and stay ahead of the competition.

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