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Video Tripods

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Tripods are a good investment for both videographers and photographers. Unlike cameras, tripods won’t be outdated due to technological advancements. It never goes out of style. There are a few differences between the traditional tripods used for camera and video camera tripods. 

Video cameras are historically heavier than cameras used for clicking pictures. This, in turn, makes a video camera stand heavier than a regular tripod used for clicking photographs. A video tripod will also provide you with a longer control arm that’ll allow you to be precise with your movements. 

Tripod accessories

Video recording is a dynamic medium. Rarely would you want your cameras to be locked off in a single position. The best professional video tripods come with replaceable accessories. 

Mounting plates

Professional video tripods have longer mounting plates than tripods used for photography. This allows for more flexibility and weight distribution. Video tripod with heads that use quick-release plates allow you to follow the action on bumpy terrain. 

Tripod heads

With the right accessories such as video tripod heads, you can get the most out of your video camera. A quick-adjust head with a spirit level helps you keep your video camera tripod stand horizontally aligned. If something goes wrong, this is much more difficult to correct than in a photograph. 


When tripods used for clicking photographs are readjusted to be used for shooting videos, they don’t give the best results. At the same time, a dedicated tripod for a cinema camera provides a comprehensive system. Wheels are attached to aid the frequent movement necessary while shooting a video. Video tripod legs are an add on benefit.


One of the most important decisions for a videographer is to match the total weight of camera and accessories to that of the tripod and head.

A camera stand for video recording is designed in such a way that it will only deliver the best results when it is proportionately loaded. An underloaded tripod will not give you the desired movement and when overloaded, there is a possibility of it collapsing. 

The best budget video tripods are often lightweight. They come with interchangeable heads, often designed to accommodate in your travel kit. 

On the other hand, heavy-duty tripods for video cameras accommodate heavy lenses. They are more often than not a single-section tripod. Heavy-duty tripods are available at different prices. It depends upon your choices and the budget is based on your preference of material and design.

A tripod made from steel or aluminium could be considered a budget video tripod while the ones made of carbon fibre may fall out of the budget category. 

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