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Tripod With Heads

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Several variations come into play while buying a tripod. If you are buying all the different components of a tripod differently it calls for a hassle. You have to carefully pick the head, the leg, the feet, and the centerpiece that works in tandem with the other. You need to make sure that the payload is perfect.

When you buy an integrated video tripod with head, you are skipping all this tedious process. You are assured that your tripod is a perfect solution. At the same time, you can choose from various components of a video tripod to replace them as per your needs. 

How to choose a tripod with head

A modular tripod system does not come with a head. You have to buy it separately. Material, weight, dimension, and payload are a few of the things you should consider when you buy a tripod with a head:


The best professional video tripods are made from either an alloy or carbon fiber. If the head is replaceable, make sure that the rest of the shooting tripod will be compatible with other cameras and tripod heads. 


The payload of the tripod stand for DSLRs must be twice or thrice of your camera, lenses, and tripod head combined. When you choose a replaceable tripod head, the replacement must satisfy the carrying capacity. Otherwise, it will lose its stability and allow more vibrations. 

Types of a replaceable head

Most professional tripods, although bought together as a set, come with replaceable heads. Each model has its own technical specifications. Here are a few video tripod heads you could use as replacements:


Wide-angle lenses sometimes fail to do justice to the landscape in front of you. Most standard heads with the tripod come with a pannable base but a panoramic tripod head will give you the accuracy you need. 

A lot of panoramic tripods are available in the market, but not all of them will accommodate your video camera. Choose the one that will fit your camera and stitch your images perfectly.

Fluid head

Irrespective of you using a video camera or a standard digital camera, a fluid head tripod will give you the smoothest of movements and pans. They are not as adept as a panoramic tripod head, but they will definitely provide clean starts and stops, without any jerks.

Apart from all the professional solutions, tripods have also become travel friendly. Vlogging tripods, also known as portable tripods, goes a long way in providing steady and cinematic shots. There are light-weight, travel-friendly video heads that are compatible with these tripods.

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