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Lighting Triggers & Remotes

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Lighting Triggers & Remotes

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Buy Wireless Flash Camera Triggers for Photography

The flash system has to be timed well with the shutter speed so that the image gets a perfect rendition. This perfection can be achieved with wireless flash camera triggers that are designed for professional photography.If you are looking for the best remote flash trigger, there is a fine chance that you have had experience using speedlights. The beauty in the results of using lights for off-camera effects is clearly spectacular. Moreover, being able to control multiple lights from one point of control is even better. This is where cross roads with flash triggers but since we are living in an advanced age you need to be looking for wireless flash triggers. 

  • What are the different types of triggers?

    There are many different types of triggers that you can buy. Triggers vary in terms of functionality and features. For instance, a TTL wireless flash trigger reads lighting conditions and adjusts the power output automatically, while it has to be done manually in other types of triggers.

    There are some High-Speed Sync triggers that allow you to use the flash in a cycle of fast shutter speeds. It allows the photographer to freeze the action of the subject. Depending on the photography style adopted by the photographer using this type of trigger may or may not prove useful.

    Flash triggers are designed to work with a particular brand so that they deliver optimal results. However, there are models that have a broad compatibility spectrum.

  • How to create the best remote flash setup?

    You can get a range of 100 meters with a simple remote shutter trigger. It also enables you to diverge your flashes in different groups. This will allow you to fire the flash at different times. By doing this, you can create a flash head setup that is similar to that of a studio at a lower price with all the necessary lights i.e. key, fill, and accent lights.

    For every flashgun you add to your setup, you will have to add an extra receiver. However, recent models of flashguns come with inbuilt receivers.

  • What to consider while buying a remote shutter trigger

    • Stand back: Most of the high-speed photography trigger kit these days use radio frequency and provide a range of 100m. The speedlight trigger and receiver in this setup work without any interruption.
    • Channel skipping: Interferences are sworn enemies of photographers, but, unfortunately there very little that can be done to avoid it. The only solution is to get the best remote flash trigger, that comes with multiple channels or allows channel coding. This will help you keep the interference to a minimum.
    • TTL triggering: It is very important to have a wireless system that allows you to transmit signals seamlessly. A TTL wireless flash trigger can help you with the same.
    • Sync speed: A basic flash trigger normally reaches the shutter speed of 1/250 sec, however, a high-end system that comes equipped with high-speed sync and is compatible with flashguns can reach up to 1/8000 sec shutter speed.