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Square Softbox | Rectangle Softbox with Grid & Mount for Photography

There are a number of light direction and diffusion tools available to be chosen from. Used in studio photography, they soften the ‘hard’ light caused due to the subject directly being exposed to the source of light.  
An octa softbox and a square softbox are the two most used types of light diffusion tools. The differences in the details created by both the tools are minute but the difference separates a good photograph from a bad one. 
You may find that the octobox is also an eight-sided softbox. However, an octa softbox is used for video shoots as well, but more often than not a square or a rectangle softbox is used with flashes and for photography. 
Advantages of a Rectange Strip Softbox
Softboxes have a universality that many photographers love. A rectangle or a square softbox may not yield flattering and attractive lighting when used for portrait photography as opposed to its counterpart; however, they deliver great results with photos of inanimate objects, art, and products.
The lighting achieved with a four-sided softbox falls much quicker than an octabox. Apart from that, it helps you achieve a window-like effect if desired with your product or object. 
A Godox square softbox is usually equipped with a Bowen’s mount which could be used with products from other brands with the same mount, making it more versatile. 
Grids for Rectangular Softbox
A grid softbox helps you achieve a soft and flattering look, like without a grid, but in a more restricted manner. It is an effective tool if you want your subject close to the background but well lit.
Rectangle grid Softbox
The aspect ratio of a rectangle grid softbox creates a unique versatility. You can use it both, horizontally and vertically, depending on your needs. 
When used vertically, it creates a contrast between the background and the foreground. The rectangle grid allows you to cast the light accurately in the direction you wish. Depending on the size, it can be used to create an evenly lit half-body portrait if you use it for portrait photography.
If you use it horizontally, it could create good lighting for headshots in portrait photography. This helps create a gradient from highlights to shadow on the face of the subject. 
Square grid Softbox
While practicing off-camera flash photography, a square grid softbox is an essential add-on to your lighting kit. A square grid, when used with a softbox, diffuses a narrower beam of light. It enables you to control your lighting precisely and helps you create a picture like it is in your head. 
A Godox square softbox with a grid will give you more control over the lighting as opposed to other competitors. 
All being said, it comes down to a matter of personal choice and usability of your lighting equipment.

Photography Rectangle & Square Softbox Grid Mount: A Comprehensive Guide

Photography is an art that requires precision, creativity, and the right equipment. One such essential equipment is the Rectangle & Square Softbox Grid Mount. This guide delves deep into the significance, usage, and benefits of this indispensable tool.

Understanding the Softbox Grid Mount

A softbox is a type of photographic lighting device that produces a soft, even light, primarily used in studio photography. The rectangle and square softbox grid mounts are specific shapes that cater to different lighting needs. The grid mount, on the other hand, is a modifier added to the softbox to control the direction of light, making it more focused and reducing its spread.

Benefits of Using Rectangle & Square Softbox Grid Mount

Controlled Lighting: The primary advantage of using a grid mount is the control it offers. It ensures that the light is directed precisely where the photographer wants it, reducing light spill.

Versatility: Whether you’re shooting a portrait or a product, the rectangle and square softbox shapes offer versatility. The rectangular shape is ideal for full-body shots, while the square shape can be perfect for close-ups.

Enhanced Depth: With the controlled light from the grid mount, photographers can create a three-dimensional look, giving depth to the subject.

Reduced Harshness: Softboxes, by design, reduce the harshness of light. When combined with a grid mount, it ensures that the light is not only soft but also directed, reducing shadows.

Choosing the Right Softbox Grid Mount

When selecting a softbox grid mount, consider the size relative to the subject. A larger softbox will produce softer light. The grid’s cell size also plays a role; smaller cells offer more directional light.

Maintaining Your Softbox Grid Mount

To ensure longevity, regularly clean the softbox and grid mount. Store them in a cool, dry place. Periodically check for any wear and tear, especially if you frequently assemble and disassemble them.


The Rectangle & Square Softbox Grid Mount is an essential tool for photographers looking to elevate their studio photography. It offers control, versatility, and the ability to produce professional-quality photos. Investing in a good quality softbox and grid mount can significantly impact the outcome of your photography sessions.