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A light modifier is an essential unit in a photographer’s toolkit. One of the first modifiers a photographer picks up is an umbrella. They are relatively economical, portable, and efficient. The setting up umbrella lights is simple and straightforward ensuring trouble-free use. 

Ideally, umbrellas are light modifiers that diffuse light and softens it on the subject. It is an effective set-up for off-camera lighting which eliminates harsh shadows and allows the light to be diffused evenly.

Photography Umbrella Styles

With an umbrella, you can create pictures with lighting that seems natural.  While purchasing photo umbrella lights, it is essential to understand the use of different types of photography umbrellas. The three commonly used types are translucent, reflective, and parabolic umbrellas.

Translucent Umbrella

A translucent umbrella, commonly known as a shoot-through umbrella, is a very versatile type allowing the light to be spread up to 180 degrees. It is placed very close to the subject, the result being wider and softer lighting. Often used in studios with an off-camera flash and electric umbrella lights, it is an effective light modifier for portrait photography.

Reflective Umbrella

Quite the opposite of translucent umbrellas, reflective umbrellas are designed to maximize the output of direct light. The light source is pointed away opposite to the subject and reflected on to them by the shiny surface of the umbrella. Also used as an umbrella lamp to provide ambient lights in videos, this is ideal for group portraits as well.

Parabolic Umbrella

Apart from having a rounder profile than the other types of umbrellas, a large diffusion surface is created by a parabolic umbrella diffuser. This design has a more wraparound quality of lighting making it seem more natural than the others. 

In parabolic umbrella photography, the umbrellas could either be used as diffusers or reflectors. Often used outdoors, a deep parabolic umbrella could be used for instant diffusion due to harsh sunlight and other outdoor umbrella lights. 

Photography Umbrella accessories

Photography umbrellas make an excellent light diffuser for both professionals and beginners. You can choose from sizes ranging from 30 to 120 inches while purchasing an umbrella. If you are shooting outdoors with a larger source of lighting and a larger umbrella, a heavy-duty umbrella stand is required. 

However, with a relatively smaller umbrella, a studio umbrella stand should do the job. 

The size of your umbrella will depend on your style of photography and the source of light. Umbrella grids are essential in providing a direction to your lighting. Umbrella diffusers can be used with reflective umbrellas to create a softbox of sorts.

A photography umbrella can be used with almost any type of light source right from umbrella LED lights to umbrella lights for video. With a basic understanding of lighting units and how to use the right accessories in the right situations, you can create flattering results.

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