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Pantone Solid Uncoated | Pantone Uncoated Graphic Color Shades


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Pantone solid uncoated
The Pantone solid uncoated colour guide has several options of colours that can be used by designers across the globe. These Pantone shade cards are also available in a coated version and include all the same colours. The Pantone solid colour books are meant to help designers create logos, packaging designs and graphic designing. With two options made available by Pantone, the buyer has a choice as to which shade card is required.
Pantone Solid Uncoated Shade Cards
The two options that are presented by Pantone are both compact and come in a fanlike shape making it light and portable. The following are the two solid uncoated options –
Pantone Formula Guide Supplement
This solid uncoated shade card includes 294 new colours that have been added to the Pantone colour family. Pantone is known to create new shades that are in sync with the new fads, trends and influential factors. Every year Pantone releases over 200 new colours that can be incorporated by various industries to add aesthetics and colour that are in trend. The 294 new colours made available in these shade cards help the designers stay relevant and access colours that are currently approved by the audience.
Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated and Uncoated
A shade card that is available as a set of coated and uncoated shade cards, is a more expensive option. This shade card also includes more colours making it the more expensive choice. It has 2161 colour and 294 new colours made available to the buyers. The coated and uncoated fanlike shade cards consist of the same colours with no difference.
Pantone Solid Chips
This is a Pantone shade book is also available as a set of coated and uncoated but is available in a completely different format. The shades are presented as removable chips that can be attached to other surfaces for matching, comparing and conceptualising. There are 6 chips of each shade made available and these chips can be re-attached to the book again.
Solid Uncoated Shade Cards
The solid uncoated colour matching cards are the most economical option and are the ideal choice for budding designers and students. Since there is no apparent difference between the coated and uncoated colours, the buyers can get access to the same shade no matter the presentation of the shade card. The pain purpose of a Pantone shade card is to inspire new designs, create identities for the colours and accurately match the colours. The uncoated Pantone shade cards fulfil all the criteria at a reasonable rate.
All the uncoated colors of Pantone presented live by the master parter. Explore and buy the Pantone Uncoated Solid Colors book for color matching and referencing. Latest Uncoated books with numbers of Pantone mentioned chronologically.

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