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TSX Polyester

TSX Polyester
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TSX Polyester

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Pantone Polyester TSX Colors and Books

What is Pantone TSX Polyester?

Pantone TSX Polyester is a curated range of 203 on-trend colors by Pantone, specifically designed for the apparel, textile, athleisure, activewear, and soft home industries. It offers a spectrum of vibrant shades suitable for polyester fabrics, ensuring designers have a versatile palette to work with.

How does Pantone TSX Polyester differ from other Pantone ranges?

The TSX Polyester range is unique because it offers brighter colors than cotton, making it ideal for designs that require vibrant shades. Additionally, it complements Pantone’s existing cotton color palettes, allowing designers to create harmonious color stories across multiple fabrics.

Why is Pantone TSX Polyester essential for modern designers?

In today’s fashion landscape, polyester plays a significant role, especially in athleisure and activewear. Pantone TSX Polyester provides designers with a palette that reflects current trends, ensuring their creations resonate with contemporary audiences. Its accuracy and consistency also guarantee that the envisioned design matches the final product.

How does Pantone ensure color accuracy in the TSX Polyester range?

Each color in the TSX Polyester range corresponds to a Polyester Swatch Card with the color’s spectral data. This ensures that the color is accurate and consistent across different batches, allowing designers and manufacturers to maintain design integrity.